Photo Credit: Aljaž Čad

Across steep dirt roads with a Russian Jeep

Undoubtedly the most exhilarating experience in Velingrad, the Safari Adventure Velingrad takes visitors on an adrenaline-filled journey across the historical Thrace route. Driving off the beaten track in a Russian military jeep (UAZ-469) is a unique experience that will take visitors to picturesque mountain peaks, where they can relish the spectacular views of Velingrad in the embrace of mountains. Once you get to the top, your driver will serve you select products, including homemade honey and homemade tea.

Photo Credit: Aljaž Čad

An array of dirt paths await your group, and the steep climbs will thrill you on your way through the mystic Rhodope Mountains. The Safari Adventure offers five unique Russian Jeeps that are remnants of Bulgaria’s past. In addition, the company introduced a car that was dubbed Safari Bar, which has become a regional attraction. It offers a premium experience for smaller groups whilst driving across potholes. Whilst you are making your way to 1,500m peaks, your guide will amuse you with stories of bear encounters and inspire you with tales of the tranquillity of Velingrad’s pristine nature.

On top of the rolling hills, guests will appreciate the scenic picnic place from where an unparalleled view of Velingrad opens. Although Velingrad is primarily known as a spa-first capital, it offers countless opportunities to guests to actively experience its culture, nature and beauty. Opting for the Jeep Safari Adventure will give visitors a mind-bending outlook on the spa capital of the Balkans.

Photo Credit: Aljaž Čad
Wow factorDriving off the beaten track in a Russian military jeep
Incentive type  Adrenaline experience
Number of participants  1 – 8
Best time of the yearSummer
Duration1,5 hours – whole day
Location Velingrad, Bulgaria
Photo Credit: Aljaž Čad

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