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Velingrad is a city where tourism is the core economic sector. A destination with 25.000 inhabitants boasts more than 6000 hotel rooms, a telling insight into its rich and diverse hotel offer. Velingrad’s population can increase by more than 10.000 during the high season. The hotels have perpetually developed around thermal water and spectacular climate, thus leading to the proclamation as the spa capital of the Balkans.

More than 70 thermal water springs around the city have several proven health benefits and range from 30 to 70 degrees celsius. Equally impressive is that Velingrad has a whopping 2905 hours of sunshine per year, which is more than Athens (2711), Madrid (2769) or Barcelona (2524).

Velingrad prides itself on several impressive hotels that pamper their incentive and congress guests at the highest level. The city has seven five-star hotels and fifteen four-star hotels. Style-wise, guests can choose from classic to modern or minimalist to boutique hotels. Every hotel boasts exceptional wellness and spa centres. One could say that this part of the city’s hotel offer is the most lavish and extravagant. The spa offer sets the hotels apart from the competition in other destinations. The superb gastronomic and additional offer is, as expected, world-class. Likewise, the event capacities are adequate for an array of events. Each hotel has a particular speciality that makes it unique and thus appealing to event organisers.

Photo: Aljaž Čad

We have created a selection of hotels with meeting capacities that offer exclusive incentive experiences. In addition, we have added our recommendations pertaining to services that make individual hotels stand out. Thus, meeting planners can easily decide on a hotel that suits the needs of their incentive group.

Below are the 15 most impressive hotels for events and incentives in Velingrad. The hotels are listed according to alphabetical order.



About: Hotel Arte was designed in a modern Alpine style that blends with its surroundings seamlessly. The hotel furniture is modern, elegant and warm at the same time, thus appearing appealing. The thermal Spa Zone – a world of saunas offers a whole series of experiences, with the herbal sauna and relaxation sauna standing out in particular. Such hotels are suited to the needs of incentive organisers, and it seems Hotel Arte is a perfect choice for incentive organisers.

Specials: A just enough reason to visit the hotel is the outstanding gastronomy. The hotel’s philosophy is based on show cooking and combining traditional with modern. The world-class, professional staff and the magical atmosphere are an integral part of the experience.

Meetings and events: The smaller conference centre can capacitate 120 attendees. It offers plenty of daylight and a relatively high ceiling. Moreover, the hotel boasts an array of venues that can be used for events. For instance, the restaurant, hotel bar or the presidential suite are suitable for hosting diverse events. Equally impressive are the outdoor venues that are perfect for events in nature. The inspiring environment is a great encouragment for team activities.

Photo: Aljaž Čad


About: Grand Hotel Velingrad is a superb meeting hotel from the reception to the check-out. Its greatest advantages are comfort and spaciousness. The hotel’s offer is sought-after by organisers of smaller conferences and seminars. At the same time, its rich offer makes it ideal for both smaller and larger incentive groups. The spacious parking will be appreciated by organisers of automotive events, as it enables excellent branding. Like every hotel in the city, Grand Hotel Velingrad offers an awe-inspiring spa. Moreover, the hotel is renowned for physiotherapy.

Specials: The only bowling in the city is a hit among event organisers. A 6-lane bowling alley is complemented by a lounge bar and terrace with a view. Grand Hotel Velingrad’s offer is ideal for incentive programmes and team building.

Meetings and events: The hotel features a large meeting hall that can host up to 200 attendees. The hall’s competitive edge is the abundance of daylight and space for coffee breaks or accompanying exhibitions. Suitable for demanding banquets or weddings, the hotel restaurant contributes to a holistic offer.

Photo: Aljaž Čad


About: The exceptional location on the edge of the city park, offering splendid views of the pine forest, is the hotel’s trump card. Moreover, the location is perfect for event organisers that can host their events in one of the most exclusive pool terraces in Velingrad. The timeless hotel architecture has withstood the test of time. Spa Hotel Dvoretsa still appears colossal, compact and mighty. The hotel’s classic design will be perfect for lovers of monolithic hotel styles and stylish furniture. Spa Hotel Dvoretsa is a wise choice for event organisers and will also amaze wedding organisers who appreciate the hotel restaurant.

Specials: ZEN garden in front of the hotel adds significant value and is also suitable for event organising. After corona, event organisers have come to appreciate such places.

Meetings and events: A major advantage of the smaller conference centre is the openness to the outdoor terrace. The large hall can host up to 150 attendees. The outdoor spaces are equally impressive.

Photo: Aljaž Čad


About: Combining events with spa indulgence and excellent hotel service never goes out of fashion. Velingrad seems to have been created for such pleasures, considering the thermal springs are the destination’s greatest natural treasure. A package encompassing a top hotel, spa and spacious meeting capacities is always sought-after. In Maxi Hotel, everything is devoted to comfort, delighting guests and offering luxury. The prestigious feel oozed by the hotel is hardly found in other regional hotels. Maxi Hotel is located on an iconic hill rising above the city, surrounded by pine trees and outdoor space for teambuilding programmes. Its architecture blends seamlessly with the surrounding green nature. Combined with the hotel park and quality infrastructure, the hotel appears highly convincing.

Specials: The Gallery hotel restaurant in pastel colours is particularly romantic and has become a hit among wedding organisers. Meeting planners will be captivated by the Hunters Restaurant, where chef Andre Tokev serves world-class dishes. The restaurant is ideal for corporate parties with up to 200 attendees.

Meetings and events: The hotel offers six conference halls. The largest, Grand Hall, can capacitate up to 180 guests. Maxi Hotel’s most iconic space is the Whiskey Bar, which can welcome up to 70 attendees and represents one of the most exclusive venues in Velingrad. Soon, the hotel will be enrichened by two additional meeting halls.

Photo: Aljaž Čad


About: Radonova Banja spa, the trailblazer of the renowned spa tourism story in Velingrad, is located a stone’s throw away from the hotel. Baleno Hotel Saint Spa has been continuing the rich tradition and offers an array of spa treatments alongside beauty, health and massage centres. Guests can enjoy outdoor and indoor thermal pools and the spa centre dedicated to relaxation. Although the hotel does not boast a high-flying, unusual or attention-seeking facade, the architectural image elegantly blends with the surroundings shaped by the untamed Chepinska River. Baleno Hotel Saint Spas is an excellent choice for organisers of incentive events and other corporate events. It is among the largest hotels in Velingrad, offering 105 hotel rooms, 4 VIP studios and 115 luxury apartments. It can easily play host to larger groups.

Specials: The hotel garden appears tailored for receptions and banquets. Directly connected with the restaurant, the garden is among Velingrad’s numerous special venues. It can capacitate up to 270 guests.

Meetings and events: The smaller conference centre features two halls; the larger one can host 150 attendees. Both halls feature plenty of daylight. The most inspiring elements of the offer are the indoor and outdoor rooms that can be the place for your next event.

Photo: Aljaž Čad


About: In the beginning, Spa Hotel Rich was a family restaurant that soon became one of the most popular in Velingrad. Slowly, the story of the family hotel started, followed by a spa centre, a unique place for events and finally, an exclusive gourmet restaurant. The boutique hotel story carries a stamp of quality and impresses guests with its eclectic style. Its highly-professional team is no stranger to organising diverse events. It is no surprise they were the leading force behind the opening of the BOA nightclub, which has enriched Velingrad’s event and night offer. Spa Hotel Rich is undoubtedly an excellent choice if a meeting planner is keen on organising smaller boutique events in Velingrad. The hotel is located in the heart of the city and is at the forefront of the destination’s event scene.

Specials: Excellent cuisine and authentic hospitality are the hotel’s greatest assets. Both Omar Tavern and the modern gourmet restaurant Garden of Rich will convince you. In addition, the hotel offers world-class catering that can be organised across the most unusual locations around the city.

Meetings and events: Spa Hotel Rich has rich experience in organising events alongside organising teambuilding and other corporate events. The interior design and architecture make it a special venue. Even though the conference hall in Spa Hotel Rich can host up to 60 attendees, the hotel is no stranger to events and weddings attended by over 200 participants.

Photo: Spa Hotel Rich


About: The name of the hotel captures its essence. Villa Vuchev is a purebred villa that is reminiscent of Alpine chalets. It is located in Kamenitza, a stone’s throw away from untouched nature and numerous hiking routes. The boutique villa offers eight rooms and everything that can be categorised as luxurious, starting with the outdoor pool and jacuzzi with thermal water to the sauna and unmatched service from the friendly staff. The personnel makes the stay a memorable experience and ensures even the most demanding needs of guests are satisfied. The villa also boasts a fully-equipped kitchen, and you can even invite a celebrity chef or trust the attentive hands of the staff. Villa Vuchev is abundant with inspiring details that tell its story and the tale of the destination. Among them, guests can stop and marvel at old photos of Velingrad. Villa Vuchev is an integral part of the destination’s offer as it enables the city to host even the most demanding boutique events.

Specials: The zen garden is the hotel’s heart and soul in warmer months. Here, guests can work, relax or organise a reception or dinner for business partners. The garden can be categorised as a special venue.

Meetings and events: Villa Vuchev features a dining hall that fits sixteen people on the ground floor. As suitable for a luxury villa, it is lavish and fully equipped. If the weather allows, meeting planners can organise their events in the magical garden that can become a lecture hall or space for a standing reception for 30 people.

Photo: Villa Vuchev



About: Hotel Aquatonik is just a shot away from the famous karst spring named Kleptuza, one of Velingrad’s main attractions. Investors built a completely new modern hotel on the site of the former hotel. Beautifully placed amid pristine nature and offering a range of spa and health services, the hotel is one of the destination’s strongest competitors. Hotel Aquaronik boasts 96 well-furnished hotel rooms. Guests can enjoy the peace and intimacy of their event away from the hustle and bustle of Velingrad. The hotel is superb and offers meeting capacities for smaller events with up to 100 attendees.

Specials: The purebred wellness experience combined with health-beneficial services will not disappoint your congress guests. Hotel Aquatonik’s greatest advantage is the balneotherapy with mineral water that makes it stand out from the competition.

Meetings and events: The smaller multifunctional conference hall is dividable and enables various meeting formations. It can capacitate 150 attendees.

Photo: Balneo Complex Aquatonik


About: The hotel sits on a hill above the city and appears like a chateau, forming a part of Velingrad’s recognisable image. It fits perfectly into the pine forest surrounding it. Hotel Bor prides itself on a timeless form that never goes out of fashion. The impressive interior features pastel colours. Offering health-beneficial services, the hotel is one-of-a-kind because of its phenomenal spa offer revolving around thermal water. The hotel has acquired all necessary certificates to offer medicinal services and belongs among the largest four-star hotels in Velingrad.

Specials: The spacious terrace with a view is the hotel’s main advantage and can be privatised for events. You will hardly find a more beautiful veduta of Velingrad. In the summer months, the terrace becomes one of the most sought-after venues at the destination.

Meetings and events: Hotel Bor offers a meeting hall that can host up to 100 attendees. It is intertwined with the hotel restaurant, which can also be a venue for social events, and offers 160 seats.

Photo: Aljaž Čad


About: The water that represents the foundation of Spa Hotel Elbrus comes from the famous Veliova Banya Spring, known for its health benefits. It is no surprise the hotel has developed a diverse spa offer. The omnipresent water will satisfy even the most demanding wellness lovers. Hotel Elbrus offers 61 appealing hotel rooms and 20 apartments that overlook the alluring hotel atrium functioning as a zen garden. A kind and hospitable staff help the hotel stand out from the crowd. Although categorised as a three-star hotel, it has become immensely popular among guests.

Specials: The hotel is the only hotel in Velingrad offering a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. It enables an oxygen therapy, particularly appropriate for athletes and all who are under stress. In addition, it improves the immune system and functions as a successful therapy against ageing and stress. As a true medical spa, the hotel offers the expert support of two doctors.

Meetings and events: The smaller conference hall can capacitate up to 100 attendees in a theatre setting. The hotel’s catering service is superb, and altogether, Spa Hotel Elbrus offers event organisers great value for money.

Photo: Spa Hotel Elbrus


About: A true meeting resort, Infinity Hotel combines diverse parts of its offer into a beguiling story. The ambitious hotel intertwines 95 hotel rooms and boasts a holistic spa and medicine and meeting services. The exceptional thermal water is unmissable, and you will undoubtedly find plenty of it in Hotel Infinity. The hotel’s interior is spacious, well-thought-out and eye-catching. Guests particularly appreciate the recreative offer in the surroundings. The details that make this hotel stand out from the competition are plentiful. The first impression upon arrival is particularly noteworthy. Infinity Hotel is a modern hotel that is excellently maintained. The hotel focuses on offering spaciousness and versatility, and guests can rest assured to find a parking spot.

Specials: The spacious, modern, and well-maintained spa centre belongs among the largest in Velingrad. If you wish to have a proper swim, you can enjoy a 25-metre long pool alongside a phenomenal spa centre.

Meetings and events: The hotel offers two conference halls: the larger one can capacitate up to 150 attendees, whereas the conference room can host up to 20 participants. The hotel is ideal for team building programmes, as it offers a spectacular outdoor venue for various activities.

Photo: Aljaž Čad


About: Park Hotel Olymp has a holistic hotel design and boasts a spa, a compelling meeting offer and conference halls that attract numerous organisers of predominantly corporate events. The hotel sits at a scenic location above the city centre, representing one of its competitive advantages. Although the hotel is smaller than its competition, it is appealing and functions as a boutique event. Park Hotel Olymp offers 77 hotel rooms in various categories. The water found throughout the hotel will satisfy the needs of any wellness lover. The hotel is special because of its unique light and colour therapy programmes. Surrounded by pine trees and green surfaces, the hotel is suitable for organising diverse team building programmes.

Specials: The personnel have rich experience organising various events, including their own concerts. Arguably the greatest advantage of Park Hotel Olymp lies in the culinary offer, based on the gastronomical heritage of the Rhodope mountains.

Meetings and events: The Olymp meeting hall is dedicated to events and can host 120 attendees. In addition, meeting planners can organise their events in the hotel restaurant, which is perfect for up to 250 guests, where numerous gala dinners and weddings are organised.

Photo: Aljaž Čad


About: Hotel Royal Spa in Velingrad is hard to overlook. It stands out with its location and, more importantly, its diverse offer of spa services, cuisine and five-star service. The interior will not leave you cold, as the hotel boasts several lounge areas, terraces, a cigar bar and other rooms that make the stay intriguing. The architectural inspiration is a combination of water and forest, manifested in the used materials. The hotel offers 116 hotel rooms.

Specials: Hotel Royal Spa features one of the largest spa centres in the Velingrad region and stretches over 4000 m2. Meeting guests will enjoy several pools with mineral water. Guests appreciate the sauna centre boasting one of the largest arrays of saunas in Bulgaria.

Meetings and events: The heart of the meeting offer is a multifunctional meeting hall for up to 200 attendees. It is eye-catching because of its high ceiling that enables demanding productions. The outdoor terrace and space are, likewise, suitable for different events. The hotel team knows how to create team building ideas.

Photo: Hotel Royal Spa


About: The hotel’s interior and exterior are perfect for all involved in the event world. There are numerous rooms, and event attendees will appreciate the rich complimentary spa offer. The hotel’s spacious hotel terrace is particularly noteworthy and is suitable for events. Worth mentioning is also the terrace offering splendid views that adjoins the appealing restaurant. The hotel staff seems like a family and represents the best part of the hotel’s offer. The personnel, always happy to help their guests, are the hotel’s heart and soul.

Specials: Vella Hills Park Hotel & Spa has a distinct character and is, more importantly, very spacious and comfortable. You will notice this in the hotel rooms. Additionally, there is enough space for unusual wishes, such as organising a private party on the hotel terrace.

Meetings and events: The main conference hall can host 70 attendees and is well-equipped for a diverse range of events. A smaller conference room complements the meeting offer. If needed, the hotel restaurant can be transformed into a hall that can capacitate up to 100 attendees.

Photo: Aljaž Čad


About: The iconic modernistic fresco on the facade is one of Velinrad’s most recognisable symbols. Zdravets was one of the first hotels in Velingrad, constructed in 1968. The modernist architecture was renovated thoroughly and now greets guests in an updated edition. What sets the hotel apart from the competition is the largest meeting hall in Velingrad that can capacitate 400 attendees, alongside the location in the city centre.

Specials: The lives of numerous people living in Velingrad have been marked by the hotel’s restaurant, where countless weddings, prom nights and other celebrations have taken place. Today, the hall is one of the most iconic locations in the heart of Velingrad.

Meetings and events: The hotel offers four meeting halls, including the largest in the city that can capacitate 400 participants. The smaller hall can host 333 attendees, while the smallest one is perfect for up to 100 participants. Spa Hotel Zdravets’s VIP hall is suitable for events with 40 attendees. Particularly noteworthy is the outdoor terrace next to the pool. The kind hosts offer the opportunity to change it into a space for a pool party or banquet.

Photo: Zdravets Wellness & Spa

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