Photo: Balneo Complex Aquatonik


Hotel Aquatonik is just a shot away from the famous karst spring named Kleptuza, one of Velingrad’s main attractions. Investors built a completely new modern hotel on the site of the former hotel. Beautifully placed amid pristine nature and offering a range of spa and health services, the hotel is one of the destination’s strongest competitors. Hotel Aquaronik boasts 96 well-furnished hotel rooms. Guests can enjoy the peace and intimacy of their event away from the hustle and bustle of Velingrad. The hotel is superb and offers meeting capacities for smaller events with up to 100 attendees.


The purebred wellness experience combined with health-beneficial services will not disappoint your congress guests. Hotel Aquatonik’s greatest advantage is the balneotherapy with mineral water that makes it stand out from the competition.

Meetings and events

The smaller multifunctional conference hall is dividable and enables various meeting formations. It can capacitate 150 attendees.