Photo Credit: Bulgarian National Tourist Information Center


Velingrad hosts numerous cultural festivals and events throughout the year. Its city centre, teeming with visitors, transforms into a cultural hub. A stone’s throw away from the main square, guests can discover one of Velingrad’s oldest establishments, the Čitalište Velingrad. The venue is an institution closely connected with the local community that helps foster the city’s cultural growth and development. Such libraries and cultural spaces are found throughout Bulgaria and are a cultural phenomenon.

The first “public libraries” in Bulgaria started to appear in the middle of the nineteenth century and swiftly became centres of intellectual advancement in cities and villages. From its inception, the Čitalište Velingrad has been focusing its activities on education, literacy, and culture.

Photo: Aljaž Čad

Meeting planners can organise their event or conference in Čitalište Velingrad, which offers a unique place for events with a cultural and historical background. Hosting an event in a location that helped write the destination’s history is a unique experience. The venue can host up to 100 attendees.

In recent years, such venues have rediscovered their place as traditional cultural and educational centres in the life of the local community. They have become home to various events, conferences and cultural gatherings. In addition, they are a constant source of information about important processes in the country. The Čitalište Velingrad continues to be a centre of traditional cultural values, including Bulgarian folklore. As a dynamic centre of the community’s social and cultural activity, the venue sustains contacts and exchanges information with the living bearers of traditional knowledge and skills in the community.


Čitalište Velingrad
Velingrad, Bulgaria