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Reduced energy and water consumption, less food waste, efficient waste separation, and reduced use of detergents – for many years, Maritim Hotels have been working towards becoming even more environmentally friendly.

“Pro Tomorrow” marks the start of yet another sustainability initiative in all Maritim Hotels throughout Germany: Guests staying several days at a Maritim Hotel can decide, on a day-by-day basis, whether they want their room cleaned or not, thereby promoting regional environmental and social projects.

How does it work? The new Pro Tomorrow bag and an associated informational flyer are provided in each room. Guests who decide not to have their room cleaned hang the bag on the hotel room door on the outside by 12:00 midnight, and find a small thank you in it the next day. The guest benefits from a selected initiative on-site for each day the room is not cleaned.

“This isn’t a completely new idea at Maritim,” explains Jens Vogel, Director at Maritim Hotel Düsseldorf, who is also responsible for the implementation of the Pro Tomorrow initiative in all Maritim hotels. “We had already gone through an elaborate test phase at several facilities, where we assessed how our guests reacted to the initiative and how we can best take advantage of their commitment to the environment and society,” he further clarifies and adds that “The regional context is very important to us. For this reason, each Maritim Hotel decides on its own, which sustainable local project it should support.”

Photo Credit: Maritim Stuttgart

So for example, the Maritim Hotels in Ulm and Würzburg plant trees as part of the “Plant my tree” initiative, the Maritim Hotel Köln is involved in aid for underprivileged children the “Wir Helfen e.V.” association, while the Maritim Hotel Frankfurt supports a series of workshops for preschools and schools at Klimawerkstatt Frankfurt; these are only a few examples of the broadly diversified regional commitment at 24 German Maritim hotels: Suitable local partners can include an association involved in caring for the local park, an environmental initiative, as well as sheltered workshops, homes for children or daycare centres.

Thanks to the “Pro Tomorrow” contribution, areas for bees were created during a local campaign, raised bed gardens were built, play equipment for children was purchased and furnishings for sheltered workshops were acquired, just to name a few examples.

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