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euromic, the association of many of the world’s most celebrated DMCs turns 50 this year.

It was at a meeting in Paris on February 4th, 1973 that an initiative was proposed and actioned to create an association focused on the young and fast-growing incentive market from North America. The name EUROMIC was chosen that day, and from then to now, all who have been in euromic have worked to ensure it stands for quality, professionalism, delivery and excellence.

The founders – 9 of them from across Europe (and all from the Common Market Travel Association) – moved quickly and held the inaugural meeting in Basel, on March 31st, 1973, establishing the association from notion to reality. By the end of the year, they had already published the first EUROMIC directory – a full print run of 250 featuring 10 destinations.

“50 years of euromic, makes us one of the oldest DMC networks in the business, which is a huge achievement for all past and present”, says Rajeev Kohli, President of euromic. “In this fragile world, this kind of longevity expresses the strong foundation of this great alliance; it is a major milestone, one we are all proud of and of the foundations laid to get us here.”

Huw Tuckett, Executive Director, is excited about it all. “It’s an honour to be part of an organization with such a rich heritage and history as euromic. 50 years is a significant achievement in any industry, let alone one as fickle and sensitive as ours. We look forward to the next 50 years, confident the lessons and learnings gained from our past, coupled with our power of local knowledge will continue to ensure euromic remains a partner of choice for the future.”

In the coming year, the organisation will mark this great history, all the while looking forward to the future, with a series of events and programmes to enhance what they deliver to their clients and their experiences including special events at the industry tradeshows; lessons learnt on the industry up to the present day, and how the next generation sees the future; a “50 Years Old – 50 Years Young” podcast; the return of our ever-popular “euromixology” and more yet to be revealed.

In the year that two other great industry institutions mark 50 years ‘service’, euromic stands alongside both with a shared heritage, history, quality, legacy, and future. Turns out 1973 was quite the year.

Find out more about euromic here.

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