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A selection of stories from Kongres Magazine's Editor in Chief

Editorials published in the past year echoed the meetings industry’s call for a green transformation. Gorazd Čad delved into the omnipresent issue of greenwashing permeating the industry, the implications the rise in prices will have and why event organisers must digitalise to keep in step with the times. Articles From The Editor are largely introspective and thus reflect the editor’s perspective.

Below are the most-read editorial stories of 2022.


Make Events, Not War

It is crucial that we do not forget about the essence of events – they are a place for dialogue and democracy.


Will live events really die out?

Have we learned anything from the printed press story, and how relevant is it for the meetings industry?


A Decade of the Meetings Star Project

“In the beginning, I imagined our system becoming a reference point, a quasi-Michelin Guide of the meetings industry” – Gorazd Čad


How Green Are The Top 5 Planet-Friendly Venues?

Search engines often feature claims and information we can neither check nor compare with other venues.


The Show Must Go On

The industry changed radically and, as Gorazd Čad believed, at the start of 2022, for the better.


Is Zoom’s success story on the stock market finished?

At the start of March, Zoom announced a substantial drop in its planned income for 2022. Around the same time, the value of stocks of Zoom plummeted by 13%.


Green Or Just Coloured In Green?

Green and eco-labels are synonymous with labelling products and services that supposedly meet particular criteria and standards.


A Promise from a Congress: Plant Trees!

It seems planting trees is insufficient for event attendees to embark on more responsible paths. Therefore, commencing such campaigns should be conducted carefully and wisely.


Frozen In Time

Imaginary conversation with a colleague who slept through the corona crisis and the start of the war in Ukraine.


Green Transportation Made Easy?

Never forget that sustainable mobility comprises walking, cycling, the use of public transport and alternative modes of mobility.


Green Hotels Might Not Be So Green At All

The hotel industry must take on responsibility for its harmful environmental effects. In whatever way we see it, tourism accounts for nearly 10% of greenhouse gas emissions.


How Did We Communicate During IMEX 2022?

We decided to review the scene by assessing news and press releases that exhibitors at IMEX published in the press section.


Turkeys Voting For Christmas

The luxurious banquet hosted on the global Titanic of events will undisputedly have to be replaced by a more humble dinner.


If It Sounds Dubious, It Probably Is

Amid a heap of labels, it is challenging to recognise trustworthy certificates that ensure events and destinations are, in fact, environment-friendly.


No Event Is An Island

Whether nature perseveres with us chiefly depends on whether we know how to abstain from numerous commodities.

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