Photo Credit: Kempinski Hotels

The complete renovation of five panoramic corner suites in Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest was recently finished, the design for which was prepared by the Hungarian Biva Atelier. Together with these five, a total of 15 Executive Suites are available to guests.

A lot of natural light flows into the new suites through the huge bay windows in the living room, and thanks to their special location within the hotel, they offer a view of two streets, Deák Ferenc and Bécsi Street. The suite consists of a spacious living room, a bedroom and two bathrooms. The elegant cognac leather-covered sofa in the living room can be transformed into a bed. If the guest also books a room adjacent to the suite, they will receive a two-bedroom family suite – separated from the rest of the guest corridor and expanded with a lockable antechamber.

Designers Szilvia Lőrincz’s and Bea Zsilinszky’s vision was to create an interior that fulfils the requirements of business guests as much as it does those of discerning leisure travellers in a contemporary, subdued but cosmopolitan design environment. Due to the pastel colour harmonies, the new suites satisfy the tastes of guests of various genders, ages and nationalities. Working and resting areas are separated, allowing for small business meetings to take place in the living room.

Photo Credit: Kempinski Hotels

“We imagined furniture that you will never grow bored of,” noted the designers. “These pieces will stand the test of time and tastes.”

The design creates exciting aesthetics by pairing distinct materials. The iconic Giorgetti armchair perfectly contrasts with the atmosphere of the other uniquely designed furniture and echoes Lőrincz’s and Zsilinszky’s penchant for juxtaposition: the armchair amalgamates Louis XVI and post-war American industrial design trends.

Sophisticated lighting and select artworks

For those who love beauty and elegance, the suite’s sophisticated lighting brings a new dimension. The lights with adjustable intensity, sometimes hidden throughout, radiate calmness and an elevated mood and create harmonious transitions within the suite.

The technical solutions also serve comfort: in the bedroom, the curtains can be drawn and closed electronically; in the bathroom, the lighting and dehumidification built into the mirror increase the feeling of comfort.

The suites are decorated with the works of Gyula Sági, a young Hungarian artist living in Berlin, who symbolises the synthesis of geometric and organic abstraction.

Find out more about the hotel here.

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