Photo Credit: Kaupo Kalda, visittallinn.ee

The number of conference events increased by +134%

In 2022, the restrictions relating to the COVID-19 virus were lifted and the amount of conference events started to increase again in Tallinn.

However, Tallinn is still 30% short of the 2019 level. The local events sector has recovered the best, with only an 18% decrease from 2019 (29% of participants). The recovery of international events and participants was at a rate of 40% in 2022.

In 2021, 67% of all Estonian conference events took place in Tallinn, and by 2022 this number had grown to 77% (same as in 2019). 89% of international events took place in Tallinn (in 2021, Tallinn’s share was 69%, in 2019 it was 87%).

Photo Credit: Kaupo Kalda, visittallinn.ee

In 2022, Tallinn’s conference events sector turned on the upward trend again.

The conference events held in 2022 were again comparable in length to the events in 2020 and earlier years. Local events lasted an average of 1.3 days (vs 1.6 days in 2021) and international events averaged 1.8 days (vs 3.4 days in 2021). This too proves that the sector is recovering and returning to its normal rhythm.

More than twice as many international events with a hundred or more participants took place compared to the previous year (70 vs 29 in 2021). As a result, the expenses made in Tallinn also increased and almost one and a half times more revenue was brought to the city – 10.7 million euros (+143%).

In summary, it can be said that in 2022, the recovery has clearly begun.

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