Photo Credit: Kaupo Kalda, visittallinn.ee

Tallinn City Government approves guidelines for hosting eco-friendly events

The comprehensive guide provides rules and recommendations for organizing sustainable cultural, sports, conference, and tourism events.

Pille Arjakas, coordinator of the green renewal of Tallinn Strategic Management Office, said, “As this year’s European Green Capital, Tallinn wants to start by internally reducing the footprint of its organisation.”

She added that there are minimum rules made and established for events organised by the city’s institutions to set an example from the public sector in shaping a sustainable world and reducing waste and wasteful use of resources. She finished by saying, “Less is more – for the sake of the planet.”

Some examples of the rules established for events:

  • Event organisers must now ensure that waste is collected separately at events.
  • Food and drinks must be served only in reusable containers and the organiser must avoid wasting food.
  • Decorations must be reusable or recyclable.
  • When choosing a venue, it must be easily accessible by foot, bicycle and public transport.
Photo Credit: Kaupo Kalda, visittallinn.ee

According to Mihhail Kõlvart, the mayor of Tallinn, the green event guide gives a good overview of Tallinn’s good practices for events. He explained, “We want events taking place in Tallinn to be environmentally friendly and to make sure that happens we made a guide citizens and organisations of Tallinn can use to act more sustainably.”

In 2022, reuse and other green solutions were tried out at various public events: Tallinn Maritime Days, Tallinn Marathon, LHV Women’s Run and Birgitta Festival.

For more information visit https://www.visittallinn.ee/.


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Event planners can find out everything about organising their events in Tallinn here.


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