Photo Credit: The Huns’ Ethno Village

Nomadic traditions revived

A half-hour drive from Almaty, an authentic nomadic experience awaits visitors of Kazakahstan’s former capital. The Huns’ Ethno Village offers an up-close-and-personal insight into the life of nomadic tribes and how the traditions of Kazakh tribes are kept alive. From indulging in national dishes to experiencing their bonds with horses, this incentive is sure to leave you with lasting impressions.

Photo Credit: The Huns’ Ethno Village


Kazakhstan is considered the country where horse riding was born. Wild horses were tamed centuries ago in the mountains of Kazakhstan. Still today, horseriding is intrinsically connected to the local heritage and culture. To understand what the noble animals mean to Kazakhstanis, we recommend visiting The Huns’ Ethno Village, where experienced riders perform stunts while riding their horses, sending chills down the spectators’ spines. Here, visitors also get a first-hand look at the life of the nomadic tribes that once roamed the endless steppes of the vast country.

Photo Credit: The Huns’ Ethno Village

Listening to a musical trio comprising two grandmothers and a grandson playing the dombra, a traditional string instrument, is a unique way to understand their culture. Within the ethno village, a yurt, the nomadic dwelling of the tribes proudly welcome guests, opening their eyes to the colourful array of traditional carpets and patterns. The people of Kazakhstan cherish horses, and the best way to understand their connection is to saddle one up.

The incentive experience is ideal for groups of up to 20 people. The show is a cultural experience like no other and essential to understanding the culture in Kazakhstan.

Wow factorThe secrets of horse-whispering
Incentive type  Cultural experience
Number of participants  From 5 to 20 attendees
Best time of the yearMay – September
Duration2 – 3 hours
Location Almaty, Kazakhstan

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