Photo: ECSITE Conference, Siniša Kanižaj

The annual meeting of the ECSITE (European Network of Science Centers and Museums) represents one of the preeminent conferences for science engagement professionals who aim to popularise and share know-how from science, culture and projects connected with sustainability, research and technology.

Zavod Kersnikova, the host organiser of the event, placed the bid to host the conference in 2017 with the local co-host agency INK Conferences. After seven years of preparations, intermittently halted by the pandemic, the organisers successfully convened 900 attendees from 56 countries in Ljubljana. Among the attendees were representatives of 323 European and global scientific research institutions and museums, managers, researchers, functionaries of European institutions, museum representatives, science-research centres, scientific-technological parks, coordinators of international projects and representatives of private companies.

The ECSITE network is focused on globe-wide cooperation, connecting science and art, inclusion of organisations into international projects, joining international partners and sharing awareness about the crucial impact of science in society and the importance of sustainable development.

Creative Collisions exhibition

Participants could actively participate in 86 various sections. The diverse programme covered several pressing topics, from using AI, skills needed in the 21st century, art and science, fake news, inclusion of the general public into science, and sharing new findings. the programme was complemented by an exhibition where over 50 institutions presented their offer, from museums to technological companies. Another highlight of the conference was a special exhibition named Creative Collisions, showcasing artworks of established artists who cooperate with the organiser and the conference host, Zavod Kersnikova.

Conferences like ECSITE foster numerous multiplicative effects for the host city and country. Events like this offer an excellent opportunity for knowledge exchange among Slovenian research organisations. The esteemed guests were greeted by the Prime Minister of Slovenia, Robert Golob. On behalf of the Ministry of Education, Science and Innovation, the audience was also greeted by State Secretary Jure Gašparšič and Vice Mayor of the City of Ljubljana, Boštjan Koritnik. During the speakers’ reception in Center Rog, the Minister of Culture, Asta Vrečko, welcomed the guests, too.

Learn more about the conference here.

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