Official name of stadium and arena: Stožice Centre.
Large events held at Stožice Centre (not sports related):
– Regional meeting of pensioners (plateau between the stadium and arena),
– Musical event: NOTPADU LAJV,
– Lipizzaner show,
– Concert: JOE COCKER,
Number of seats:
– Stožice Arena: 12,400 seats (without the ground floor)
– Stožice Stadium: 16,100 seats (without the ground floor)
Additional spaces in Stožice Center, where events can be held:
1. Stožice Arena:
– Small (warm-up) arena,
– Climbing hall,
– VIP lounges in the Arena,
– Arena.
2. 2. Stožice Stadium:
– Stadium,
– VIP Lounges in the stadium.
3. Outside plateau between the arena and the stadium;
4. Park (under construction, with a football field, skate park, volleyball pitch, playground…).

When do you predict work on all objects of Stožice Centre will be done? When will we be able to say “The stadium and arena Stožice can now be used for the meetings industry as well”?

The entire Centre will come to life when the shopping centre and the outside park are finished. The outside of Stožice Center is waiting for additional sports facilities (football field, volleyball pitch, skate park, playground…), which will round off the image of the entire centre along with all other parts. At the moment the visitors can enjoy the stadium and the arena, which already play host to different Slovenian and international events.

What are your views on using the Stožice stadium and arena on days when there are no sports activates going on?
We first of all want to fulfil the mission of Public Institute Tivoli, which is to enable the best possible conditions for professional and recreational sports in Ljubljana. The Stožice Centre will enable the Public Institute Tivoli to have a larger influence on sports on the national level. Stožice Centre can host the highest level international sports events, we would like to bring closer to the Slovenian public. Besides sports events, we aim to host other cultural and entertainment events and other spectacles for the Slovenian and foreign public.

 Where do you see the biggest opportunities to fill the stadium and Stožice Centre in the future?

Our biggest market niche is in organizing different events, such as large international productions, different shows, musical and cultural events (like opera), equestrian events, different tournaments, European and world championships in various sports, dance events, festivals, auto-moto shows, artistic circuses, exhibitions, fair, meetings,…

Do you already advertise the Stožice Center as a potential venue of meetings, conventions, conferences…?
At the moment the event organizers take care of their own marketing. Our aim is to definitely put ourselves on the map of the meetings industry. As I’ve mentioned the marketing is done by the organizers at the moment, but we do not exclude the possibility we will market certain events our self.

Who is your target audience? Do you want to market the Stožice Centre outside Slovenia?
As I’ve mentioned our goal is to get the attention of the public and organizers. Our target audience encompasses a broad spectre of the public. Considering the mission of Public Institute Tivoli our fist target group are athletes and their fans and supporters. The second group consists of potential visitors of all other events.

Sports facilities are getting more and more popular as venues for different events, business meetings, conventions… Do you think you are well prepared for that?
We are definitely aware of this fact and have considered it in our marketing strategy. We would like to bring a variety of events to Stožice Centre and offer a vivid programme for all visitors. The new sports venue hasn’t been around too long, and we want it to reach its full potential. Our aim is to make the venue recognizable in the business world, meetings industry, sports, culture, etc. and to attract Slovenian and foreign public.

What is your advantage in comparison to other exhibition or congress centres and hotels?
We feel the location near the Ljubljana bypass is a factor, as well as numerous parking spaces in the centre itself and good access with public transport. Also, the new sports venue is not far from the city centre and therefore near the colourful scene of central Ljubljana. Stožice Centre is architecturally a very attractive building and is interesting for visitors from all over the region. It will soon also be richer for the second largest outdoor sports area in Slovenia.

Contact person: Roman Jakič, director
– e-mail:;
– phone: +386 1 430 66 60
– fax: +386 1 231 77 84

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