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For Cankarjev dom, it seems like it’s been here since time immemorial. For 33 years the legendary institution has been a synonym for cultural and humanistic activities and meetings industry tourism in Slovenia. The most impressive aspect is that the original programme vision under leadership of the legendary director Mitja Rotovnik has been completely fulfilled. In Cankarjev dom the cultural-artistic programme and congress activity have been excellently complementing each other at all times of operation – a paradigm, which is particularly of interest today. All this places Cankarjev dom among one of the higher-quality and more interesting convention centres in Europe.

  • Opened: 1982
  • Halls: 22
  • Theater max: 1545
  • Surface area: 36000 m2
  • Category: E-Convention Centre

Cankarjev dom is located in the centre of the city within the main modernist square and neighbouring all the major institutions of the Slovenian state. Square of the Republic, where it is located, is important for Slovenia in urbanistic, architectural and symbolic terms. It was conceived as a political centre of the state and it actually transformed the image of the city. On a symbolic level it is associated with events that have transformed the history of Slovenia during the struggle for independence. From the perspective of the meeting industry it represents a meeting focus for Ljubljana.

The administrative centre in which Cankarjev Dom lies makes it easily accessible on foot, by car or by public transport. Under the Square of the Republic there is a large parking garage, and the latest one is just a stone’s throw away under Congress Square. Both are sufficient to cover the needs of motorised conference guests. A great advantage of the location is that all the city’s attractions, and especially the key hotels, are within walking distance. In these terms Cankarjev dom is a very friendly and nice location for conference guests.


COLD APETIZER Architecture and Aesthetics
Cankarjev dom is the work of architect Edo Ravnikar and is an integral part of his design for the Square of the Republic. It was created in the era of modernism and is considered a key example of monumental architecture, comparable with achievements of Alvar Aalto in the Finlandia convention centre. A number of smaller details are surprising, the most astounding the fact that the architecture of the building has preserved its value. With the current renovation, which has triggered heated controversy, the convention centre acquired more elegance and a contemporary feel with more natural materials. Above all, some of the original planning errors were removed, such as a relatively low ceiling in the lower lobbies. The exemplary building maintenance is particularly impressive, as it is a rarity in comparable centres in Europe.

WARM APETIZER – Staff and customer service
Without Cankarjev dom and their team the Slovenian meetings industry would probably not be what it is today. Many personnel have formed in Cankarjev dom. A large number of specialists for individual segments provide a superior execution of events. Above all, one of the advantages is the connection with culture. For this reason, in production terms, this opens up completely new possibilities.


MAIN COURSE – Quality of facilities
Cankarjev dom boasts 22 multi-purpose conference halls and represents the largest purpose-built convention centre in Slovenia. A big advantage is the diversity of spaces for different convention needs. The largest hall, Gallus, with 2,000 seats, is still today the concept of extraordinary acoustics and is the only hall of this type in Slovenia (Auditorium).

The venue’s total surface of 36,000 m2 can accommodate up to 5.000 visitors. With extensive lobby exhibits it has already carried out a number of conferences with large accompanying exhibitions. This year’s renovation now completed, all spaces will be adapted to modern technological requirements, making them more useful, more comfortable and more beautiful.

DESERT – Catering and additional offer
Cankarjev dom is the culprit that catering has established itself as a concept and type of service in Slovenia. For many years the main protocol events in the country were held at Cankarjev dom. It is not surprising that this part of the offer is exemplary, arranged with an excellent centre for the production and distribution of food. It seems that together with the institution two of the largest Slovenian catering companies have also grown – Jezeršek catering and Vivo catering.

Due to the complexity of the architecture it takes some time for orientation.

A sustainable approach, with bees on the roof in the middle of the city, its own crop of honey and an environmentally friendly business philosophy.

Due to the complexity of the architecture it takes some time for orientation.

A sustainable approach, with bees on the roof in the middle of the city, its own crop of honey and an environmentally friendly business philosophy.


The cultural and convention focal point of Slovenia and a place where Slovenian history is happening. One can not imagine Ljubljana today without Cankarjev dom; it and the Slovenian meetings industry were created together. On top of that Cankarjev dom is a perfectly oiled congress machinery, which does not show its age and which after recent renovations is in excellent condition.

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