images Ex Ordo is an award winning abstract and conference management system for research conferences. It eliminates 80% of the conference admin time and 100% of the cost of printing.

A research or academic conference is a conference where researchers meet to present and discuss their work. Researchers submit an abstract/paper which is peer reviewed and accepted or rejected by the organisers. Conferences are composed of various presentations usually 20 minutes long. The work may be published as the conference proceedings. A typical research conference takes 9-12 months to plan and execute.

Ex Ordo automates 80% of the conference admin work. Our software guides conference organisers along every step of the way and our team of mentors advises the organiser at the key stages in the conference. Authors submit their research directly online, keeps the organiser’s inbox clutter free. Having the conference data online allows the organiser to share the data and the workload with colleagues.

The system collects submissions from researchers and then allocates them to reviewers. Each reviewer will then score the research and provide feedback to the authors. Finally, the aggregated scores are used to decide if the research should be accepted for presentation at the conference.

All accepted research is compiled as a 600 page Book of Abstracts. Our platform provides a digital alternative to printing this book and therefore saves organizers $1k – $20k in print fees. Instead, delegates access the accepted research on tablet devices, computers and smart phones. Ex Ordo is an e-publishing platform for academic conferences.

Academics have very busy schedules. In addition to running a conference, they must also carry out their normal day to day duties; supervising research students, lecturing undergraduates, publishing papers and applying for research grants. By eliminating 80% of the administrative burden, academics can spend more time on their day to day jobs and less time on conference admin.

Most conference chairs are first time organizers and their reputation is on the line in front of their peers. Our team of academic advisers provides one to one mentorship at key milestones when critical decisions need to be made. Ex Ordo is that little voice in an academic’s ear making sure that they never fail.

Ex Ordo is loved and used by thousands of academics all over the world.


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