Karmen Novarlič

1. How do you measure ROI (return on investment) for a B2B trade show organised by Spirit agency?
It is difficult to calculate the return. We lack the information on how many participants in the event sell packages in Slovenia. We only have data for the section of participants who have completed the survey on customer satisfaction; for the rest we don’t.

2. How do you measure stakeholder satisfaction at the SIW B2B trade show?
At SPIRIT Slovenia, the Tourism sector, after each trade show we carry out a satisfaction survey for the event among the participants.  As already mentioned, we have for SIW 2013 results available of the performance analysis (surveys of participants), from which I below provide key findings:

– 88% of the participants were “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with the participation (7% more compared with last year’s event).

– Participants were most satisfied with the “friendliness and professionalism of the SIW team”.

-Participants were least satisfied with the “suitability of halls” and “price of the registration fee”.

-All the participants had prescheduled meetings. At last year’s event, 97% of those surveyed.

-54% of the surveyed participants responded that some of the companies did not attend the prescheduled meeting (5% less than last year).

-70% of the surveyed participants were “very satisfied” (11%) and “satisfied” (59%) with foreign participants.

– 90% of the respondents replied that they are going to take part in the next year’s SIW “definitely” (44%) or “probably” (46%).

3. What is the share of public funding of the SIW trade show and what is the contribution of the wider economy?
The Slovenian economy participates through the fee that we charge for event participation. The proportion depends on the number of participants. In the adopted work programme and the public agency SPIRIT Slovenia financial plan, for the implementation of the SIW 2013 event 160,000 EUR was made available (funds from the relevant ministry). During the implementation of SIW 2013 event we created 50,250 EUR of own funds.

4. In what way do you carry out quality control of the implementation of the project?
On the one hand quantitatively, with surveys on satisfaction, and then also qualitatively, in contact with the event participants. 

5. Are you using independent auditors for the evaluation of trade show projects?


The Slovenian Incoming Workshop (SIW), organised by the Slovenian Tourist Board is the country’s premier annual tourism trade event showcasing the entire array of the tourist offer to potential partners from abroad.  It is organised as B2B event, which is complemented by study tours for foreign hosted buyers.






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