15497_picatic_255255255Picatic solves the worlds problem of gouging ticket service fees and releases open beta results, partnerships and expansion plans. 

Picatic has come out of beta and forever changed the way organizers are charged for events. Picatic is the only ticketing company in the world where the cost is determined by the organizer. The strong beta test results have inspired the team to make a full launch, partner with Stripe payments and expand to the U.K and the European Union markets.

The team set out to change the entire ticketing world and they have. Industry standards apply a base per ticket fee with additional variable fees. Event organizers absorb these fees and inevitably pass them onto their attendees.The platform has boldly gone away from base and variable fees; alternatively providing the organizer a ‘no hooks or gimmicks’ choice to pay what they want. Upon completion of the event, organizers may choose to pay zero dollars, market or above market value in one payment.

CEO, Jayesh Parmar said, “We are the team and platform that is changing the ticketing and event world. Our goal was to empower organizers to create successful events by giving the power back to them”. Jayesh also shared their most recent metrics, “We have 68% compliance which means if you take 100 organizers, 68 of them are choosing to pay for our services with an average of 3.1% net payment off their gross ticket sales.” “No one else is doing this! We are the only ticketing company in the world to drastically change the game,” said Jayesh. “There is a stigma that ticketing companies gouge customers with high fees and we are determined to change this.” 

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