Q: Have you always wanted to work in the meeting industry?
Actually, my first profession was child care, but my passion for traveling brought me to Spain where I worked as an au pair and learned Spanish. So when I returned to Austria I started my career in the tourism industry. At American Express Travel, I was responsible for the Incoming Department. After that, I spent three years as a travel guide for an Austrian tour operator in Spain. And since 1997 I have been working for the Lower Austrian Tourist Board in marketing and more recently for the Convention Bureau. The meeting industry is very important for Lower Austria and I am happy to help promote its top destinations.

Q: Why is your destination/country the best in the world?
There’s a clear focus on the client in terms of services offered by our extremely professional business partners. And our destination has a unique combination of top-notch locations, breath-taking landscapes, and outstanding programs.

Q: What would be the first thing you would show every visitor to your country?
Our conference locations like Casino Baden Congress Center and Laxenburg Conference Center. Then there’s the picturesque Danube river region, the Wachau, a UNESCO world heritage site with historic monasteries and a rich Heurigen (wine tavern) tradition. And don´t forget Lower Austria’s internationally acclaimed wineries, making the province the largest wine producer in Austria.

Q: What has been your star moment so far and your favorite project with which you would praise yourself?
The presentation of Lower Austria and the region of Bratislava during an event at Schloss Hof.

Q: What motivates you the most at work?
Satisfied clients and happy partners – when my feedback confirms that the meeting industry in Lower Austria is top quality and the number of conferences and meetings is rising.

Q: How do you deal with stress?
I like to spend time with friends and go hiking with my husband and daughter.

Q: When were you last angry / disappointed and why?
When we hosted a networking evening with a wonderful program at a great location outside Austria. Of 100 people invited, only 20 came to the event. Maybe it was the wrong date and people didn´t have time (before Christmas).

Q: What’s new in your business in 2014?
We are planning presentations in Graz and in Salzburg.

Q: What did you learn last week?
That we should always remember our focus on quality by only promoting partners that provide top-quality products and services.

Q: Where are you going to spend this year’s holiday and why?
We’re vacationing in Austria this year, hiking and biking. Austria is a beautiful country and we especially enjoy spending time in the mountains.

Q: If there were no time and financial constraints, where would you go?
I would travel to Cuba.

Q: What would be the title of your autobiography?
Opportunities people have given me to discover new destinies and realise them with passion and heart!

EDITH MADER, Convention Bureau Nieder Osterreich


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