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The roots of organised development of the spa stem back to 1966, when they began the construction of health facilities that have turned out to profoundly alter the image of the frontier town on the river Sotla. The development of the spa therefore marked the development of the town, which has become one of the most recognizable tourism destinations of Slovenia. The hotel’s spa offer has developed around the swimming pool complex, which, together with the new hotel Sotelia forms a new urban whole.

Podčetrtek is not exactly in the centre of Slovenia, but one can get from Ljubljana to it in about an hour and a half. The main road is a regional road, which runs from Celje towards Brežice. In Podčetrtek there is also an interstate road border crossing with Croatia. A single-track railway line – the Celje – Imeno – also runs through the town, with work under way on a cycle track from Podčetrtek to Rogaška Slatina. Within the spa it is well catered for parking, the hotel itself also having an underground parking garage.

COLD APPETIZER – Architecture and Aesthetics
Outside the hotel is set apart from its rivals with one of the most original architectural solutions in Slovenia. It is one of the best and also award-winning architectural sustainable solutions. The building of the hotel appears excellently embedded in the surrounding nature, while at the same time appearing futuristic and extravagant. Interior fittings are served with a colourful arsenal of light effects, having a variety of natural patterns and textures. Architects here have proven that in modern tourism a different architecture is not only essential, but also very possible.

WARM APPETIZER – Staff and Culinary Art
The staff is mostly friendly and very hospitable and professional. Breakfast in the Basilicum restaurant is buffet style, as well as a pension dinner on offer with a rich choice of dishes and an emphasis on healthy food. In addition to the a la carte Gratiola restaurant, the hotel’s Virstein winery, named after the nearby wine-growing area, offers a welcoming atmosphere for smaller groups.

MAIN COURSE – Congress hotel offer
The hotel rooms offer a spacious, thoughtful and comfortable interior with a high level of comfort. The selection of materials and the thoughtful personalization classifies it amongst the best Slovenian hotels. The size of rooms is just right, the feeling in the rooms is excellent and on the whole not much seems missing. The hotel’s conference centre is pleasantly arranged in Zen style and in pastel colours. The largest hall, which can be divided into two parts, can accommodate 350 participants in theatre style. Three smaller halls with a capacity of 30 – 70 people are in the hotel Sotelia, with additional halls also in nearby hotels Breza and Rosa, which are connected by an underground passage. For slightly larger conferences, where an exhibition might also be planned, the space in front of the hall is a bit small. The compactness of the “resort Olimia”, however, offers many options for organising the accompanying social events, both in the external and internal locations. A unique experience is an evening reception by the magically illuminated pools in the outer part of Orhidelia.

DESSERT – Additional offer
Hotel Sotelia charms congress organisers with its different options, among which in first place are the Wellness Centre Orhidelia and Spa Armonia. The little things like a bottle of your own mineral water, fresh fruit and an energy message awaiting you in the room make guests feel truly welcome. 

The lack of daylight in congress halls. From the photos on the website, it is difficult to imagine how the hall looks.

The architecture of the hotel: for an average user, this architecture is light enough, colourful and lively, but at the same time compositionally complex, technically sophisticated and conceptually integrated to also satisfy the demanding visitor or an expert.

Hotel Sotelia was never hiding its ambitions to bring to the meetings industry a genuine wellness experience, which other competitors do not yet know. In addition, the distinctive architectural design has many admirers; small details always attract the eye. In all respects this is a very good hotel with conference facilities for smaller events. Together with the rich tourist and sports offer Podčetrtek is ideal for the implementation of various incentives and other incentive programmes. The hotel is no longer the newest on the market, but it is still fresh enough and different from the other offer in Slovenia.

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