Ljubljana is a boutique capital that writes short boutique stories portraying its inhabitants and its beauty. Within a small area it uniquely manages to combine natural, cultural and historical treasures, which helped it scoop the award of being titled European Green Capital for 2016.

The easiest way to describe Ljubljana to our guests and partners is through the following facts:
– The loveliest small city in Europe
– Small, quaint, and very explorable
– One of Europe’s safest capitals

Experiencing Ljubljana and the Ljubljana marshes from the Ljubljanica river

Organic processing of oil-producing plants and cereals

Masterpieces of the visionary architect Jože Plečnik

Urban fishing

Trnulja estate and the Ljubljana Marshes


 DAY 1: In harmony with nature

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10:00 Arrival at Ljubljana airport and transport to Ljubljana
11:00 Arrival at the Vander/Cubo hotel and checkin
12:00 Time Machine at the Ljubljana Castle;
Discover the roles that the Castle Hill and the Ljubljana Castle have played throughout the castle’s rich history. The costumed characters representing each period will create a genuinely special atmosphere, which will be both educational and entertaining.

ljubljana, from the surface of the river

13:00 Viseat Ljubljana, Strelec restaurant
Getting to know the typical Ljubljana dishes at the Strelec restaurant, where Viseat Ljubljana serves up typical Ljubljana fare. You will indulge in authentic dishes from a premium menu and experience the signature of Ljubljana and Slovenia in a perfect ambience.
15:00 Boat trip to the Ljubljana marshes


16:00 Trnuljina doživetja
You will actively learn how to organically process oil-producing plants and crops into organic oils, spreads, plain and whole-grain flour. From a short lecture you will learn how to respect natural systems and cycles without using genetically modified organisms. The entire programme will take place in the form of a workshop on preparing healthy, home-made food, led by the host, Urška, and top-class chef Slavko Adamlje. You will reminisce about and taste long-forgotten recipes and learn how to prepare healthy dishes.

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20:00 Union – 150 years of the marriage of beer and food
A visit to the Union brewery, the most renowned brewery in Slovenia, and its production processes. What follows is a guided beer tasting at the hottest tavern in town. You will get a chance to experience a legendary beer-inspired menu and get acquainted with all the flavours from the Union beer portfolio.
23:00 After-party or return to the hotel


08.00 Breakfast at the Cubo or Vander hotel
09:00 Urban fishing
A unique fishing experience. Fly fishing for graylings and brown trout, spin fishing for metre-long pike in the heart of Ljubljana, and winter adventures – huchen fishing along the length of the Ljubljanica river.

11:00 Face to face with Jože Plečnik
There are few cities so strongly characterized by an artist as Ljubljana is, the home-town of the architect Jože Plečnik (1872–1957), a student of Otto Wagner. In a little over 35 years he transformed Ljubljana from a provincial city into the capital of the Slovenian nation. Since the mid-1920s this architect designed countless city squares and parks, but his mark on Ljubljana is especially unique.

13:00 Plečnik’s lunch – JB restaurant
Imaginative recipes of Janez Bratovž in the chambers of Jože Plečnik.
Optional: lunch with fresh, local ingredients from the open-air market under the Plečnik arcades.
16:00 Departure to the airport

All flights to and from Ljubljana land at Jože Pučnik Ljubljana Airport, just 25 km from the city centre. National airline Adria Airways connects Ljubljana with more than 20 European cities and offers great connections to south-east Europe as well.

Boutique hotels: Hotel Vander or Hotel Cubo.

JB restaurant – for many the best restaurant in Slovenia.

Given its location, Ljubljana is the best starting point to discover Slovenia. The Central Slovenian region, which surrounds Ljubljana, is full of interesting incentive experiences, which can be integrated into your event programme.