Photo: BMW Group


Date: 16.-30.4.2015
Location: ZADAR
Organizer: DT Croatia — Dubrovnik Travel DMC & HAGEN INVENT
Client: BMW

After many months of painstaking preparations by the City of Zadar and DT Croatia, the word promotion of the new BMW series 2 Grand Tourer finally began on the 16th of April 2015 and will continue for 15 days during which the new BMW vehicle and Zadar will be presented to 420 top journalists from 35 countries worldwide. The promotion will convey a story of a brand new BMW vehicle and a story of Zadar and Croatia.


The new BMW premiere was attended by over 420 most renowned reporters from the growing auto industry who came from 35 countries. The reporters were presented with the new vehicle with all its advantages in the best possible way – smooth operation onvolved transfers, presentations, accommodation, F&B service, all coordinated and managed by DT Croatia with on site professional team for this event. Highlight of the event was the gala dinner that took place in a special bulit floating venue in the centre of the Main Zadar harbour, special licenses and construction companies involved with DT Croatia as main contact to execute such a perfect evening. During the dinner the presentations and sepaches were held by main BMW managers. In addition, during their two-day stay in Zadar, the reporters were also presented with the destination from the cultural, culinary, and tourism perspecitive.



Three locations in Zadar, including the St Donat square, the Three Wells square and the famous ‘Greeting to the Sun’ were used in a special way to present BMW’s new spacious luxury vehicle. Special permits and constructions were used to make it attractive and safe for the visitors , journalist and the locations were also open to public as well. Dancers performed a special “dynamic” show in front of one of the displays regularly for each journalist group.


After examining many locations within Croatia, the client chose the remarkable City of Zadar due to its potential and existing infrastructure, easy managing the accessibility, road types, and of course unforgettable beauty of the Riviera and the City. In addition, the receptivity of the local authorities, who by recognizing the importance of this event for the City and offering their support as well as welcoming to all parties involved, was a great asset enabling novel and unique ideas to be brought to fruition and be orchestrated by DT Croatia in a swift and effective manner. The DT Croatia team of experts together with the Hagen Invent team made this event as one of the best BMW events ever.

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Key challenges:
Zadar is quite unexperienced in automotive events of such size. It’s unprepared infrastructure and technical support, demanding logistics and limited number of flights were also a challenge.

Event Communication:
Press launches of this type are always the top marketing tool for the future of a destination in the MICE industry. This event has been followed by the press worldwide. TV, media, press internet etc local, national, and international. The goal of the event was to have the top journalists experience the new BMW Grand Tourer.

After Event: Sustainable solution
Zadar after the event became a brighter shining star of the MICE industry in Croatia. The final result of this co-operation expedited by DT Croatia experts is that today the automotive industry is more and more choosing Croatia and neighbouring countries as one of their options for their events and meetings. Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro are on the map as the preferred destination for high level top events as infrastructure is now approved by the industry leaders as well as having a strong local DMC such as DT Croatia to manage all the demanding details and preparations. Locally this event will be remembered postively for Zadar and the Croatian MICE industry as the new step towards the next level that is coming for our region!

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