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The city of Dubrovnik couldn’t have planned a better start off of its 2016 tourist season since this February it is hosting the luxury German car brand Mercedes, which decided to combine two major events in this unique Dalmatian scenic place, an E-class car launch and company’s global training session in cooperation with DT Croatia – Dubrovnik Travel DMC.

Just a few days after the global premiere of the Mercedes Benz E-class at North American International Auto Show in Detroit (USA ) in January 2016, the German Mercedes Benz manufacturer Daimler in Stuttgart chose to set its European premiere of its E-class cars in the Adriatic pearl, Dubrovnik (Croatia). In addition to the E-Class, its European premiere will also have the SL, SLC, C and Convertible Mercedes Benz models!

This prestigious automotive event will not only introduce us to Mercedes Benz new EClass design, performance and technology features but will also introduces the starting point of megabrand’s global 2016 training sessions for its employees. More than 15 000 agents from Mercedes Benz are expected to visit Dubrovnik from 160 countries in the period from 2nd February until 14th April.

There are estimated between 30.000 to 50.000 overnight stays and approximately 130 flight landings in Dubrovnik airport during this 3 months conference, which means Dubrovnik hotels will be bursting at the seams this time of the year.

During the conference, Mercedes will hold several Open days for visitors so that the guests – locals and tourists, will have the opporunity to sit behind the wheel of these luxury vehicles and take them for a test drive.

With no doubt an event such as the European launch of the Mercedes E-class cars will attract many visitors and media publicity, which in opinion of many levels with the promotion Dubrovnik gained from being the main filming location for the famous fantasy series “Game of Thrones”.

And what does the new Mercedes Benz E-class has to offer?
It features a greater proportion of aluminium and ultra-high-strength steel and many softer areas (the bonnet, wings and bumpers) are made from lightweight cast aluminium helping the car be light and strong at the same time. The cabin is equiped with tactile woods, yachting-inspired inlays and a unique metal fabric along with leather covering the door tops which gives the interior its luxury appearance. The lower ride height improves fuel economy on the motorway and a brand new 2.0-litre unit with 195hp capable of returning 72.4mpg and emitting 102g/km of CO2. A new nine-speed automatic gearbox (the nine gears enable small gear steps for more ride comfort and enabling the engine to operate in the ideal speed range for lower fuel consumption). Its newest and maybe most important addition is the advanced autonomous driving capability as the Mercedes-Benz E-Class is the first ever standard production vehicle to get the autonomous driving license in Nevada, USA.

Also the official Mercedes Benz website dedicated a whole page to Dubrovnik, revealing the inside story of the city and describing it as a Fantasyland.

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Copyright Daimler