Bike Tour to Devín Castle
The bike will take you to the monumental ruins of Devín Castle and the unspoiled countryside of the Morava River floodplains. You will see the sights of the Iron Curtain and learn the tragic stories of those who tried to get out but never made it to the other side. However, you can “flee” to Austria across a cycling bridge and see the baroque Hof Palace. After cycling about 25km, you will relax on board of a sightseeing boat and ejoy the splendid views.

Traditional Slovak Food Tour
A gastronomic tour where you will experience authentic Slovak cuisine while tasting excellent local food and drinks at various memorable spots. You will be provided with information about Slovak eating and drinking habits, traditions and history and along the way, your local foodie guide will show you highlights of the Old Town, as well as some off the beaten track places.

The 42 – Kosice Peace Marathon
Kosice holds the title of European City of Sports 2016. No wonder it has been awarded with the title, as it has an event with one of the longest traditions – Kosice Peace Marathon. The oldest marathon in Europe has gone a long way since it first started in 1924. Then, only 8 competitors participated. Today, almost 11,000 runners from all over the world come to measure their strenghts and show courage on the first Sunday of October.

Ride along the Iron Curtain Incentive
Ride along remains of the Iron curtain is a 1,5 h guided tour about the history of Czechoslovakia from a perspective of border guards on top of an authentic GAZ 69. This heavy duty russian vehicle served border patrols during the Cold war, just on the edge of Bratislava. Any trespasser could have been arrested or killed. Along the road you will explore massive bunkers build by democratic Czechoslovakia, prepared to push back Hitlers army in 1938.

Brainteaselava City Game
Discover Bratislava city centre in an amusing and unconvential way! In a team of up to 6 people complete missions and encounter a lot of entertaining and original tasks. You will enjoy nice sceneries and find picturesque hidden places. As a bonus you learn some interesting facts and myths about places on the route. It is possible to play as a solo group but also up to 60 people in 10 teams at once.

Bratislava Post Socialist City Tour
A funky retro tour in a legendary 70’s Czechoslovak car Škoda or a crappy 8-seater van Škoda 1203. The journey will take you through the off-the-beaten-track places of the communist past as well as recent transformations in Bratislava. You will visit a vast concrete housing estate area, the Soviet monument Slavín, abandoned factories, riverside developments, 1930’s bunker line, the former Iron Curtain border zone and loads of communist architecture. Local insight guaranteed!

Dog Sledding Adventures in the Tatra Mountains
Do you want to experience being a musher and ride with the dogs across the snowy fields? The Adventoura team from Poprad is happy to set this activity for you, They will teach you how to turn left and right with the dog sleigh and to understand the Siberian Huskies behavior.

Craft Beer Bar Tour
An unforgettable tour guided by a devoted fan and lover of quality beers Padre, who turned his passion into a hobby and way of living. His fresh, delicious beers made with heart are presented in uniques places, including one of the 5 oldest pubs in Europe.

Bratislava Digital Treasure Hunt
The Bratislava Treasure Hunt is an interactive team-building activity using iPads preloaded with a special digital game (in English) that enables participants to navigate their way through the historic Old Town district, and in the process fulfill tasks related to the city and its history. Some tasks require the participants to interact with local people.

Tokaj Wine Tasting
The legendary, delicious Tokaj wine can be enjoyed in a whole new way. The winegrowers themselves present the best types of this ancient drink in the wonderful underground cellars, enriched by tasty bread and cheese which help to savour the wines to the best.

Rooftop BBQ
Call up all your friends and visit a true rooftop barbeque party on top of the Falkensteiner Hotel in Bratislava. The Rooftop Lounge Terrace offers an amazing atmosphere, great food and a perfect view over Bratislava Old Town. The terrace is open every Tuesday from 18:00 to 21:00 (May to September depending on weather)

Touareg Offroad Experience
This purpose-built off-road driving track is a novelty and a unique attraction in the Slovak capital. It was created by the Volkswagen plant in Bratislava where the company’s flagship off-road SUV the Volkswagen Touareg is produced. The 1,488-metre-long circuit with its 26 distinct features challenges each driver’s skills as well as provides an opportunity to fully experience Touaregs performance in extreme situations. The track’s sand bed mimic desert terrain, gravel and river-basin driving.

Bear Watching Tour in Slovakia
Bear watching in Slovakia is completely different than what you are used to at your local Zoo. First things first: You will have to get up early! To see the brown bear in its territory is a very exiting thing and High Tatras has many places where you can find them. The guides will pick you up at the hotel and than you will embark on your journey – cycling or walking through the valley untill you find the bears and observe from a safe distance. The Tatra Mountains are home to more than 150 brown bears and offer a one of a kind experience.

Birdwatching at the edge of three states
Bratislava is the only capital in the world, which is located on the intersection of three independent states. Moreover, within its city limits you will find several natural protected areas – wetlands, steppe flora and fauna, paleontological sites and alluvial forests. Discovering specific and often endemic species in the area, walking or biking, combined with the visits to old rock castle Devin (Slovakia) and Schlosshof castle (Austria) framed by watching the birds is overpowering in any season.

White water Rafting at Cunovo Water Channel
If you have ever wanted to participate in an activity that combines the adrenaline rush of rafting with teambuilding, we suggest you visit the artificial whitewater slalom course in Cunovo, located only 25 minutes by coach from downtown Bratislava. The water sports center has hosted numerous World Cup races and international championships, as the facility was built in 1996 as part of the Cunovo dam project. The course is a flow-diversion type course supplied with water from the Danube River and has two channels 356 and 460 meters long.

Automotive Industry Hub Incentive
Slovakia is definitely an automotive hub. It produces most of the cars per 1000 inhabitants in the world; in the year 2015 it has been 184 pieces. Visiting the Volkswagen plant in Bratislava is a magic experience, as the factory area of the plant currently covers an area of 1,780,058 square meters. Even more fascinating are the Offroad Parcours, with 24 Modules throughout an impressive 1488 meters, Offroad Parcours is an exciting challenge for the off-road enthusiasts.

Unexpected beauties and secrets of Bratislava
Discover the beauty of the historical center along with interesting sights of Bratislava and Bratislava Castle by the unique sightseeing vehicle Presporacik® Oldtimer, followed by a walking tour along the hidden places of the medieval royal city. During the tours, or after them you will have time to taste local specialities, beer or Slovak wine.

Bratislava & Vienna
Experience two capitals during your stay. Bratislava and Vienna are two closest capitals in the world. Even you take bus or cruise, you get your destination in maximum 90 minutes. Admire natural beauties of Danube river from deck of speed boat which runs between these capitals sever times per day. Exlore then the most interesting historical and cultural sights of Vienna city and her younger sister Bratislava.

High Tatras – be active!
Whether you are with your friends or with a larger group looking for a challenge or active relaxation, High Tatras National park is the right place for your event. High Tatras are the smallest alpine type mountains and were listed as one of the top 10 destinations for adventure holiday in Europe by The Guardian. Be active and experience hiking to one of the picturesque valleyes in Tatras or take a ride with the gondola to Lomnicky peak 2634m – the 2nd highest in Tatras.

Adventure and Art along the river Danube
If you want to experience some adrenaline on water, try one of the untraditional sporting activities in Slovakia. A combination of a speedboat cruise, white water park and other sporting activities with a Danubiana Gallery, which will reveal the beauty of modern art in Bratislava.