Transform the way in which participants interact at your events

  • Name: Slido
  • Location: Bratislava, Slovakia
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Slido is an award-winning audience interaction platform for meetings and events. It allows event organizers to crowd-source the best questions for Q&A sessions, get instant feedback via live polls and share presentations with their audi- ence in real-time.

Most conventional events consist of one-way presentations that leave attendees uninvolved and out of the conversation. This ineffective communication often results in the mismatch between what the presenter is saying and what the audience needs. As a result, attendees don‘t get the chance to maximize their learning po- tential at events.

Slido gives the audience a voice, allows for ques- tions to be asked and opinions to be expressed via live polls. With live slide-sharing, attendees can bookmark the best slides and easily return to them after the event.

To this day, Slido has worked with over 20,000 events and meetings in almost 100 countries, collaborating with a number of high-profile events including: SXSWedu (US), WOBI (USA, Mexico), Adobe Summit (UK), Remix Summit (Australia), Festival of Marketing (UK), the pres- idential debate in the Philippines, IBTM (Spain) or IMEX (Germany). For their efforts, Slido was awarded the Conference Supplier of the Year at the 2016 Conference Awards in London, adding to the company’s earlier success of being voted the Events Industry Supplier Of The Year at the PPA Connect 2015 Awards.