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Tektonik Craft Beer – Strictly Serious Beer!



High-quality and unique infusions as superb hedonistic culinary event

Every sip of these noble nectars wraps around the tongue and slides down the throat in a pleasure that you wished might last for ever. Tektonik, located on Likozarjeva Street, is the first modern craft brewery established in Ljubljana. With a contemporary approach along with exceptional technology they are bringing their ideas about special beers to bottle.

A wide selection of top quality raw materials from globally renowned producers allows them to create a virtually unlimited range of flavours and aromas, which even the most demanding drinkers will eagerly look forward to. State of the art welding equipment, a large-scale fermenter and an in-house filling line are the guarantees of remarkable quality.


Craft beer is already a contemporary trend and for some, especially Millennials, hipsters, craft lovers, foodies and trendsetters, even a lifestyle.

It all started out, however, with a small group of dedicated and loyal fans of craft beer, possibly themselves brewers or experienced drinkers. The scent of their freshly brewed beer has now spread from homemade breweries and small pubs out to the neighbours and across the world.

For the daring, young and adventurous the trend was set! Today everyone knows that there are no longer just two Slovenian beer choices and each of us can follow trends as he or she pleases. In each of us is a bit of hedonist, and happily each of us likes to treat ourselves with something great.


Rather ambiguously but charmingly named after their idols, they have quickly multiplied the number of potions on offer. After Wayne, Iggy and Hercule came the dark Nelson, shortly after which they released the first lady of the house, festive Grace.

Recently they have hopped to another continent with their American brew Dizzy. For experts and those seeking official confirmation: ‘the light and bright have a subtle flavour of roasted malt with a hint of caramel based on rich aromas of exotic fruit. Mango and passion-fruit take the lead, while the background reveals a pineapple, lychee and stone fruits. Within the style the strong bitterness is typical, but they have managed to achieve the perfect harmony.’ Cheers!

Location: Likozarjeva ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana
Contact: T: 386 40 473 219, E: info@tektonik.beer
Website: www.tektonik.beer