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Conventa experience: 3 Best Movies 2016

Henrik von Arnold

Henrik von Arnold & Co, ENITED Business Events
A Swede living in Vienna and in love with Vienna (and of course his wife). A partner to ENITED Business Events, act as a speaking partner to politicians, organisations and companies on how to develop meeting destinations– beyond tourism.


Picking three movies out of the 75-100 I’ve seen this year is not easy. And my choices are very diverse:

1. The Revenant– a true story about a man with almost supernatural strengths, driven by a desire to get revenge. Leonardo DiCaprio at his best. A not so feel good movie…

2. A Man Called Ove – a film about a man who seems to hate everyone and everything. But does he really? And I do not pick it because it is a Swedish film. A feel good movie…

3. Casablanca – why try to describe something everybody should already know? It premiered 75 (!!) years ago … and still going strong. Play it, Sam. The Movie…