Golden Apple
Photo credit: Bratislava Convnetion Bureau

From May 31st to June 3rd Bratislava hosted a delegation from the prestigious international federation on recognition of the city being awarded the Golden Apple for ‘best destination’, an award for excellence that is annually presented to an organization, country, city, or person in recognition of their superior efforts promoting and raising the level of tourism.

On this special occasion, Bratislava Tourist Board hosted FIJET World journalists on the press trip, which began with the official ceremony with awarding Bratislava with the Golden Apple award. Press trip continued for the next few days where the attendees experienced the city in its full beauty and its rich and diverse tourist offer.

Golden Apple Bratislava
Photo credit: Bratislava Convention Bureau

FIJET has been presenting its awards since 1970 and to date 50 organisations, countries, cities, companies or individuals have been beneficiaries. Bratislava was considered by the Commission of the FIJET International Federation for the award of Golden Apple and as final winner won the approval of the FIJET’s Board of Directors of National Tourist Organisations, which consists of more than 25 renowned travel journalists from around the world.

What makes the award really unique is that for FIJET the apple is a symbol of knowledge and the Golden Apple is a journalist award, meaning there are no opportunities to lobby for it and all candidatures that meet the standards are presented to FIJET’s Board of Directors for consideration. This is a highly influential body, because it consists of representatives from more than 25 countries and, most importantly, the board members are famous journalists in their home countries. This is most definitely the verdict of the “learned scribes”.

Photo credit: Bratislava Convention Burau

The best proposals gain the trust of the journalistic board, with winners receiving an award and journalists discovering new places and new stories for their publications.

The Golden Apple is annually awarded to locations that represent the best of world tourism.