Cubo Hotel
Photo credit: Cubo Hotel, photo Jani Ugrin

The newly acquired facilities of the Hotel, which include two completely renovated conference halls, feature a modern interior and a high-end technical equipment. The set-up presented a perfect match for the press conference, which launched the new all-digital mobile provider HoT, Hofer Telekom.

Hotel Cubo
Photo credit: Hotel Cubo, photo Jani Ugrin

Hotel CUBO is striving towards setting the trends in the meeting design, thus the interconnected conference rooms were easily re-arranged to suit the client’s needs. In addition to the innovative venue, the catering infrastructure also underlined the wholesome event story. Finger food thus consisted of various chili (HoT) bites, which comes to show that Cubo chefs work closely with the client in order to provide the unified event execution. HoT Mobile press conference presents an exemplary case of innovative and wholesome event approach, which Hotel Cubo was proud to co-create.