Photo: TedX Klagenfurt Flickr Feed

Inspiration & Creativity go hand in hand

TEDx events are a phenomenon that have accounted for 15,000 events around the world in the past 8 years. The events are known for their TED format (3-18 minute talks) and creativity in choosing locations – events have been held on a plane, on the train, on Mt. Everest, in an ancient Greek Amphitheater and even at the Burning man festival. The events inspire participants and create mind-boggling moments with speakers who are the core of the concept. At the same time organisers are also aware that audience engagement is important and that is why they focus their energy on experiences during the breaks and engagement during each talk. We were curious to see how do they do it in different parts of the world and so we spoke to three TEDx organisers – from Ljubljana, Klagenfurt and Bangalore.

Marko Haschej, TEDxKlagenfurt

Q: How do you engage the audience at your events? We are looking for some concrete examples.

Well, we always aim to provide an active experience of our partners’ brands and break activities. Examples? A shuttle service provided by our mobility partner, VR corner to experience new ways of gaming & education, indoor cycling to produce electricity in order to charge your phone etc.

Q: You have probably attended many events, so do you remember something interactive or engaging that has really made an impression on you?

There was a national news magazine at TEDxVilnius a couple of years ago. They had a touch screen where you designed your personal TEDx message and shared it publicly via a banner implemented on the magazine’s website in real time. I liked that a lot.

Q: Where do you find inspiration to be so creative at your events?

Well, usually it’s the conversations with other event organisers, partners and the TEDx community in general. We aim to work closely with our partners to get the most out of their presentations and to engage with the attendees during the event.