Temporary spatial intervention
Made by: KD prostoRož, August 2011

The city of Aarhus, Denmark was named after its position along the river delta. The city developed the largest Danish harbour, which contributed to the boom and growth of the city. The sea and the river were therefore of key importance for the emergence and development of the city. Nevertheless, visitors and residents of Aarhus do not feel close to the sea and the beach as they walk along the city streets. Only recently, they led the river, which had previously flowed along the underground canal, back to the surface, and its embankments turned into pleasant spaces for socializing.

On invitation to arrange one of the venues of the Aarhus Festuga Festival, the members of the prostoRož society asked themselves: ‘How would it be if the beach could be brought closer to the city?’ – and so the Klostertorvet Square was transformed into a beach during the summer festival. The market was covered with 90m3 of sand, and on the sand were positioned the modern loungers originally derived from traditional Scandinavian equipment – strandkorb. The square was decorated with flags and the stage, bar and warehouses were made of wooden sticks, referencing the wooden structures of buildings from the beaches of the North Sea. Suitable fabrics created a strong image of the festival, while the feeling of the beach was created by the sound of the fabric fluttering in the wind.

About prostoRož

The prostoRož society was created spontaneously in 2004 from a desire to explore and understand open urban space. Today, it combines architects, urban planners, sociologists, lawyers and technical associates who, with their knowledge, enable a multi-dimensional approach to the challenges of the urban space. They explore space and its importance for local people and society. They focus on frequently overlooked public spaces and regulate them according to the scale of inhabitants in, and numbers of visitors to, cities. In their 13 years of operation, more than 50 projects have been implemented.


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