Vino Ljubljana, the oldest wine competition in the world announced the 2017 wine champions at a special event on Wednesday, 20th September 2017. The ceremony of the oldest wine competition in the world took place at Atrium of Ljubljana Town Hall, with 150 journalist and professionals who participated in the moment the winning title went to five world champions, among  the section “White dry still wines” the Slovenian wine, Kobal Sauvignon.

Each year, the world-renowned competition brings professionals to Slovenian capital – the city of vine and wine – with mission to choose the best of the best. Slovenia, a country simply perfect for wine making with all its vineyards located on the hills, slopes or the lowland, Slovenia has three wine-producing regions: Primorska, Posavje, and Podravje. Each divided into many winemaking districts, each having a selection of fine wines. After late August, September and October grape harvest, the Autumn brings ceremonial event and official presentation, announcing the great winners of the 59th International Wine Competition – Vino Ljubljana, held from 30th June until 2nd July 2017 at the Ljubljana Castle and hosting spectacular number of 48 wine tasters from 15 countries choosing the winners from this year’s 430 wine samples from 19 countries.

Vino Ljubljana is organized under the patronage of OIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wine), UIOE (International Union of Oenologists) and VINOFED (World Federation of Major International Wine and Spirits competition) and GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre hosts the event ever since its beginning and with all of its rich history. Guido Baldeschi, OIV, Head of Unit Oenology and Methods of analysis said: “The organisation is just perfect: the reception of tasters, the organisation of the competition and the professionalism of all people involved in the competition. What can I say about the wines? In my opinion the quality of samples was very high, probably because the last vintages (2016 and 2015) were, on average, very good in all Europe. Vino Ljubljana proves that nowadays, wine lovers and consumers have a large selection of different regions and terroirs because they can find high quality in every corner of the world. Slovenia is just the perfect example, its products have nothing to envy to other well-known regions and the quality of wines and the diversity of terroirs are just extraordinary. For the lovers of white wines Slovenia is a destination they cannot avoid, but red wines lovers will also find unexpected surprises, especially if they look for elegant and delicate wines. And then if you end up in Slovenia, a glass of orange wine is mandatory and it will make you fall in love with this country!

Only at last year Vino Ljubljana they announce 3 world champions. And if only bottles could tell us the whole stories – all the hard work, all the seasons of one year simply “locked” in one bottle, all the tastes, all the heart-full people behind it … The Slovenian wine makers are most definitely one of the current leaders in the world of wine making and everybody should visit Slovenia to personally experience the place where you can feel its magic.