7th Ljubljana Forum

Ljubljana Castle hosted the 7th Ljubljana Forum on September 28th and 29th. The conference was a joined event organised by Municipality of Ljubljana and GoForeSight Institute.

The topic was the »Future of Cities: City of Well-being«. The forum presented to its diverse stakeholders several goals. Firstly, the concept of a city of well-being; secondly, challenges for development of smart – sustainable – inclusive cities; thirdly, financial mechanisms and new business models; and finally, the goal to connect people, identify new projects and move forward with entrepreneurship.

The round table entitled »How to eliminate emissions to reach sustainable development goals to become ‘The city of well-being’« included Ljubljana Mayor Mr.Zoran Jankovič. The topic of Ljubljana »Green distribution chains« was presented by Ljubljana tourism Managing director Petra Stušek, MA.

Ljubljana Forum is an annual meeting uniting knowledge and experiences in city management. At the same time, the conference defines crucial areas, visions, and strategies of the future development of cities in the South Eastern Europe.


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