Dear readers,

it has been a great year, and we are much looking forward to what is more to come. There are only 39 days left in 2017 and we are grateful for everything this year has given us – so much inspiration, great projects and stories to share with you, our loyal reader. Despite the fact, that the year has a bit more days to show itself in the brightest spotlight we need to tell you that November issue is the last one of this year. But do not get all depressed – you will hear from us in January when we will enter the new year with brand new topics and stories from meetings industry to share! Be excited and until then – enjoy the reading of the last issue of KONGRES magazine in the year 2017!

Enjoy the read and get ready for the January issue of the KONGRES magazine with brand new and bold topics from the year 2018!

Gorazd Čad,
Editor-in-Chief of Kongres Magazine

TOP 2017

In November issue, we present you the crème de la crème professionals from the meetings industry – The most influential people in New Europe meetings industry. We focused on 5 categories: top meeting architects (DMO, CVB etc.), top meeting agencies, top meeting innovators (marketing, technology, etc.), top hotels and venues and top meeting services. Are you wondering who influenced and marked the year of 2017 with their presence? Take a look, meetings industry has a lot of extraordinary people!


In the Special venues 2017 section, top 30 Alpe Adria special and unusual venues, voted by the readers of KONGRES magazine are presented. Each event organiser wants their participants to remember the experience as much as possible for all the right reason – the first, and we also believe the most important one, is to choose a venue that is special in itself.


In the section views, we decided to go after the hot topic – agencies vs. clients. We are very curious about how the agencies and clients work together, what they expect from each other, how they view each other, and so on. For this reason, we contacted both, agencies and clients to get their invaluable insight on the matter. In this issue, we are presenting answers from the agencies, while in the next issue we will present answers from the clients. Enjoy the reading and be surprised!


In this section, we focused on the creativity in events and asked our interviewees on five “how’s”. How do they boost creativity at events, how do they sell it, measure it, manage it and organise it?
See it for yourself and be surprised by the nine interviewees and their answers.


For this issue, we present you the capital of Romania, Bucharest, the city with one of the most untapped potentials for the development of congress tourism in New Europe.


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