Photo Credit: Municipality of Ljubljana

Ljubljana Mayor Zoran Janković addressed participants in the introduction conference. He emphasized the importance of cities in ensuring the quality of life for citizens and future generations through cooperation. Daniël Termont, President of EUROCITIES and Mayor of Gent, accentuated the future significance of the transition to circular economy and emphasised that cities show more ambition in this field than countries. Conference participants were also greeted by Secretary General of EUROCITIES Ana Lisa Boni who stressed that it is important to presently react to the changes we are witnessing and that EU has to work together with cities and their residents. Further on, Janez Potočnik, Co-chair of the UNEP International Resource Panel and former European Commissioner for Environment, presented the role of circular economy in the resource story and the cities.

The conference continued with Circular Talks on living without noise, pollution and car ownership and why there is no more time to postpone sustainability. The afternoon part began with round tables with participants discussing society, partnerships, economy and further growth according to circular principles. Study visits followed during which conference participants were able to see good practice cases in the field of circular economy in Ljubljana. They visited the Reuse Centre, Hostel Celica, Hotel Park, RCERO Ljubljana and an apartment designed in line with the zero-waste principle.

Within the framework of the EUROCITIES conference the official award ceremony Circle it! for best practices in circular economy was held Thursday night in the centre of Ljubljana.

Munich’s Halle 2 won in the Cooperation category; in the Innovation Category, Brussels with the ‘Be Circular, Be Brussels’ innovative won; the Participation Category’s award went to Brighton & Hove in Gothenburg for the Gothenbur’s smart map.

Eurocities, founded in 1986, is the network of major European cities.


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