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Bratislava Convention Bureau Monthly Briefing – NOVEMBER 2017


Bratislava’s unique urban project: up! city

Stará Tržnica, the renowned and popular meeting spot for both the locals and visitors from all around the world is the place where the “up! city” project came to life. The project has combined motion, relaxation and fun all in one place, as it connects aspects of mobility, modern technologies and chill-out zones. Right in front of the Stará Tržnica historic building you can find the electric Volkswagen e-up! cars parked there that are ready and waiting to “up&go” for you, either to get down to business or to just to enjoy and explore the city with your loved ones. The native, Bratislava-born car knows the city by heart and as an added bonus you can choose one of the six routes of the built-in navigation system that help you get to know the city as you drive around in an urban car with a fully electric engine. Each of the routes are thematically focused on architectural attractions, monuments and the natural beauty of the capital, as well as the city surroundings for an even more attractive driving experience. If you’re more into sports or two-wheeled-transportation, fear not, as the “up&bike” project awaits you! In addition to the typical city bike you can also rent the trendy e-bikes, cargo bikes, and even electric scooters.

PUOJD – souvenirs you would want to wear!

Puojd is a Slovak designer brand, represented by Michaela Bednarova, who focuses on the textile design since 2008. Michaela got her inspiration in the Slovak national coat of arms style in various designs – descriptive or just funny allusion to current events in Slovakia. Puojd stands for a fresh young label, with bold ideas mixed with (traditional) national emblems, which, today, proudly represent Slovakia. Clothing and accessories covered with stylish national symbol, spikelet of Slovak fields or map of Slovakia creating a cow pattern became characteristic feature of the brand and were popular not only among individuals but also among international companies such as Volkswagen Slovakia, ZSE, Slovnaft, the Slovak National Gallery, Office of the President of the Slovak Republic and others. Yes, you read correctly: Puojd also provides you with various PR materials, advertising products, merchandise materials and others – all for their clients. Puojd stands for Slovakia that you would want to wear and Slovakia that you would want to live in.

NEHERA – from manufacturer to consumer

Bratislava has many interesting brands and successful companies. One of them that has been revived and is now proud to carry on its Slovak tradition is the clothing company Nehera. The back story of Nehera extends to the 1930s, when the brand was originally founded in Czechoslovakia by visionary businessman Jan Nehera, and at that time the brand had more than 130 retail stores in Europe, the United States and Africa. Having entirely disappeared from the High Street, the brand was resurrected in 2014 and today proudly re-employs its timeless heritage of Slovak and Czech tailor studies and factories originally founded by Jan Nehera himself. Since September 2015, Nehera is also a part of the official Paris Fashion Week, although the revived brand has no ambition to attract the attention of extravagance; on the contrary, it now meets customer desires for a more discreet form of luxury, combining unique shapes and quality materials with an emphasis on detail. They depend on their tine-honoured strong tradition and high-quality production processes, building a global innovative brand that provides materials that are produced locally. Nehera is a story of a success resurrected from the last century to nowadays create fashion must-have pieces, all with the thinking that started out in the 1930s: if you wear Nehera, you dress for success. Locally manufactured, high quality and globally innovative.


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