Photo credit: www.buro247.hr

Croatia is known for its stunning sea, islands, and beaches. But Croatia is not only that, it is much more. Nature, the hill, and the rivers are offering a different kind of tourism which is starting to develop more and more. A proof for that is the new boutique hotel the Old Mill by the magical river Mrežnica, near to Karlovac.

This project by studio Lotus Architects is a unique transformation of an old mill to a hotel with 10 rooms which will be a fusion of the traditional and modern concept. The new Old Mill hotel will have a traditional and a modern part with a narrow rooftop with a terrace overlooking the river. The hotel will also have a sauna, wellness, and a pool.

The reconstruction will be made with local and autochthonous materials. And while the coatings of the outside will be designed with an emphasis on wood, the local stone, shingle, and wood will prevail from within.


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