Photo credit: QUIX event

A special pram is newly installed at one of the tanks at the Old Sewage treatment plant’s underground. It is a vessel with a weight more than 1,5 t. Instead of a floor, a Perspex is installed to be able to see underwater.

The pram tour is a real experience and great not only for families but also for incentive groups. The pram can be rented also during an event at the Old Sewage treatment plant and take part in the popular underground tours.

The old sewage treatment plant in Prague – Bubenec is an important site for documenting the history of architecture, engineering and water management. It was built between 1901 and 1906 as the final part of the Prague sewer system. Most of Prague´s wastewater was treated here until 1967, when, not far away on Císařský Island, the Central wastewater treatment plant was commissioned. The British civil engineer William Heerlein Lindley was responsible for creating the sewer system and the technical parameters of the treatment plant.

All tours of the Old Treatment Plant are guided. You can see the original interior with much of the original machinery – both for its wastewater treatment and other related operations (such as the sludge operations) as well as the engines that powered the operation (steam engine and boiler rooms). Later on the copies of the original plans and historical photographs from the construction of the plant. The tour also includes a documentary film from 1943. During each tour, visitors
will walk through an inactive, original sewer main.
A 1947 documentary film ‘Men Downstream From Prague’ can be viewed by those interested in the
history of industrial buildings and especially the Prague sewer system.

Recommended: good shoes and warm clothes even in the summer months.  


The Old wastewater treatment plant 1906

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