Best ambassador for congress destination Maastricht: prof. dr. Judith Sluiter, MBA

Today prof. dr. Judith Sluiter was presented with the Brightlands Convention Award 2017 at the meeting of the Maastricht congress ambassadors club Amici ad Mosam. This network, initiated by the Maastricht Convention Bureau, collaborates with regional academics to bring conferences and scientific meetings to the Maastricht region. Alderman John Aarts from Maastricht presented her with the award. Professor Sluiter is now best ambassador for congress destination Maastricht.

Each year, the board of the Maastricht Convention Bureau grants the Brightlands Convention Award to the scientist that has made the largest impact as ambassador for Maastricht towards national and international associations. Big events and congresses create a positive spin-off for the Maastricht region.

Brightlands are sponsor of the award and strategic partner of Maastricht Convention Bureau and confirm with this partnership the added value of conferences for the regional knowledge economy.


The following people were nominated for this award:

  • Prof. dr. Chris Arts, MUMC+, Head Researcher (Pre-)clinical Biomaterials ECB 2018
  • Prof. dr. Judith Sluiter, Coronel Institute, AMC, Director Amsterdam Public Health Institute, ICOH 2024
  • Prof. dr. Gert Kwakkel, Chair Neurorehabilitation of the VU in Amsterdam, Neurorehabiltation congress

The board of the Maastricht Convention Bureau unanimously decided to award prof. dr. Judith Sluiter, MBA, with the title of best congress ambassador for Maastricht. Despite her connection to the Amsterdam Medical Center, she has represented Maastricht’s candidacy to host the International Congress on Occupational Health 2024. If Maastricht is going to be host city to the congress, she will be chair of the local organising committee.

The compliments of the board were accompanied with a bronze statue, by artist Wil van der Laan.

Managing director of the Maastricht Convention Bureau Jurgen Moors: “The Maastricht congress community are delighted with the presentation of leading scientist professor Sluiter as ambassador for our city as host for ICOH 2023, despite her connection to the Amsterdam Medical Center.”

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