Photo credit: Prague convention Bureau

Moderator and founder of 360° Travel Trends conference, Petr Klymec, launched the presentations entitled “Present and Future: How Do the Czech Republic and Slovakia Inspire the World. The key to success is to focus on hybrid events, online interactions, to take into account the impact of technology, sustainability and, above all, make the event a great experience for the participants.

Klára Honzíková, Global Events Director at the Czech company Socialbakers, presented the use of the social media from the event perspective and highlighted the right choice of social media channel for the given event and type of the participants. Ms Honzíková also drew the attention to the frequent mistake of companies using the social media sites only for the sake of mere presence.

An inspiring example of Slovak company that impressed the world was presented by Martina Mlynská, Success Operations Manager at sli.do. The use of sli.do app which serves primarily for online interactions with the audience during events (real-time surveys, asking questions, etc.) has risen from 12 events to 61,000 events per year in the last six years. According to Martina Mlynská, persistent communication with clients, global thinking and teamwork are the key points of sli.do success

The  presentations were concluded by Daniel Musil, Account Director at AITOM Digital, who provided the tips on how to get the most out of the website. The frequent mistake is according to Daniel Musil the fact that companies put more emphasis on building the web based on their own preferences rather than the preferences of the clients, for whom the web is primarily intended. Mr. Musil also presented how to use present-day technologies to deliver even better and more powerful web presence.