The key to a successful B2B event is as simple as getting face-to-face with your prospects. Well, we say simple, but the truth is that holding an event that is highly effective and hits all the right buttons can be anything but. We asked the participants of this year’s 10th Conventa about the likes and dislikes about B2B events.

We asked the participants of this year’s 10th Conventa

There are many formats for organising B2B events, but the best two are still ‘In-person’ events and ‘Online’ events such as webinars and live-streaming.
It is a fact that, bottom line, people do business with people. Therefore, the power of any event lies in the opportunities it generates for personal interaction. This factor was taken into consideration during the organisation of the 10th Conventa trade show, where 130 exhibitors from ‘New Europe’ had the chance to get face-to-face with 290 hosted buyers from 48 countries around the world.

The final point to remember, regardless of what kind of event is being organised, is that a detailed evaluation of what happened should take place after the event. All the succesesses and failures should be noted, so you know what to improve, add or change the next time. It is also important to get feedback from attendees, since, at the end of the day, they are the ones whose opinion matters the most. And so, at this year’s Conventa, attendees were asked what they like and dislike about B2B events. The responses have been gathered below:

Among the answers given by hosted buyers in terms of the ‘Likes’ about B2B events were:

1. Networking

Meeting new potential partners, new business connections, getting to know new people, meeting peers, meeting providers and buyers in person, personal communication, new contacts, the chance to meet colleagues in person.

2. Education

In terms of quality workshops, professional details, sharing knowledge, learning about other businesses and destinations.

3. Informative

Providing detailed and immediate information.

4.  Atmosphere

This seems to be a very important part of an event. A relaxed, familiar atmosphere, and a pleasant and positive aura in the meeting hall.

5. Organisation

The level of which is very important to ensure such events run smoothly. And, of course, there is nothing like a good ‘After Party’ to end an event. Good music, a dancefloor and a few cocktails help you to get to know your colleagues even better.

Among the answers given by hosted buyers in terms of the ‘Dislikes’ about B2B events were:

  • Timeframes – too long/short meetings, waiting for appointments, time-consuming
  • Relevancy of the meetings
  • Meetings that are not informative enough
  • Not enough new people and new information
  • ‘Nothing’, was a surprisingly common answer. Proof of a successful event, indeed!

Among the answers given by exhibitors

Among the answers given by exhibitors in terms of the ‘Likes’ about B2B events were:

  • Networking
  • Personal communication, direct contact with hosted buyers, one-on-one encounters with potential clients
  • High-quality meetings
  • Scheduled meetings with potential clients
  • Quality hosted buyers

Answers given by exhibitors in terms of 'Dislikes'

  • Losing time on irrelevant meetings
  • Hosted buyers that are not interested or that have no potential
  • Fake hosted buyers
  • The “same old faces” at every event
  • Limited period for presentations