Photo credit: Aim Group International

AIM Group International, a leading company in the organisation of congresses, meetings and events, presents a new Impact Story about the World Scleroderma Congress, the first international congress exclusively dedicated to this rare disease, built from scratch with the World Scleroderma Foundation several years ago. It ended up with a won challenge: five editions have been organised, the last one recently in Bordeaux, with great results.

The Congress contributed significantly to the fortune of the World Scleroderma Foundation (WSF) at different levels (image, awareness, organisation, fund raising, etc.). The Congress and its positive outcome are the result of a shared effort by the scientific world and the PCO” says prof. Marco Matucci Cerinic, World Scleroderma Foundation and Congress’s Chairman.

It has been a challenge because rare diseases attract less attention and funds, and it meant building the entire project from scratch as there is not any other similar conference dedicated to Scleroderma worldwide.

One of the main features of the 3-days congress is that it gathers not only physicians, health professionals and researchers but also patients affected by this impactful disease. “The connection between physicians and patients makes this congress really original, with a patient-oriented point of view. Also, the patients’ involvement means a different organisational approach: it means that two parallel congresses have to be realised, with a particular attention to ethics standards and a strict compliance” outlines Manzani.

The first world congress was held in 2010 in Florence and then every two years, Madrid in 2012, Rome in 2014, Lisbon in 2016, and Bordeaux in 2018, with 1.250 attendees from 61 countries.