A wide choice of special venues in Mozart’s city

Lovers of music, culture and architecture flock to Mozart’s city, as well as an increasing number who organise events in the city. In addition to purely rational reasons, when making a decision about where to hold an event, the number of truly varied and special venues also come into play. In addition to historic and traditional venues, there is no lack of ultra-modern options, and it is this that makes the city even more interesting. Below we have chosen some of the most interesting that we personally visited during our last visit to Salzburg.

For lovers of history

Can you imagine an event in a restaurant which dates all the way back to the year 803 and is the oldest of its kind in Europe?

St. Peter Stiftskulinarium is a city institution that is defined by its picturesque arcaded courtyard, which is also suitable for hosting events. This wonderful space was recently used by Audi as a venue for launching one of its new vehicles. The restaurant is run by Claus Haslauer and Veronika Kirchmair, who together are responsible for its first-class and innovative cuisine.

A touch of modernity

Soon after its opening, the Museum of Modern Art Mönchsberg became a new iconic spot in the city. An international tender was launched in 1998, which also envisaged the integration of a 19th century water tower and a stylish restaurant with a view. The German architectural bureau Friderich Hoff und Zwink was chosen as the winning bidder in the tender. The museum extends over a total area of 2,300m2 and contains an extensive collection of exhibits. Upon arrangement it can be hired for holding events.

A city of beer

The Stiegl brewery is the largest and most well-known privately-owned brewery in Austria. Today it operates in the suburb of Maxglan, where it also has a museum which demonstrates the process of brewing beer. Stiegl Brauwelt offers tours of its beer production facilities as well as small seminar rooms. A particularly special feature is the large beer garden, which is an excellent venue for warmer months. You can also enjoy unfiltered beer, which was named after the famous Swiss physician and alchemist Paracelsus, the father of modern toxicology who worked and died in Salzburg.

A pub with a view

Congress guests can also get acquainted with the brewery at its city centre Stieglkeller beer cellar, which is literally built into the hill beneath Hohensalzburg fortress. There are various spaces that can be hired for events in the brewery with a wonderful view of the Baroque city. Catering services are provided by the catering company Gassner Gastronomie. At any one time the brewery can accommodate up to 1,000 guests (the largest hall can accommodate 450).

For large-scale events

The Salzburgarena is the most modern sports hall in this part of Austria. It is best known as a concert venue, where events can be staged for up to 5,900 guests. The vast car park is an added benefit as it has a direct connection with the Messe Salzburg exhibition centre. The entire fairground complex, which is managed by Reed Exhibitions, is one of the most modern in this part of Europe.

In the spirit of tradition

Salzburg Residenz is a palace that was once the seat of the independent prince-bishop of the country and it was its wealthy archbishops that began to shape Salzburg into a Baroque jewel. A masterpiece was created, which since 1997 has been on the UNESCO List of Cultural Heritage. Inside the Residenz, it soon becomes clear what kind of strength and influence the archbishops had. It is difficult to choose the most magnificent among the 11 halls available for events, however, the most prominent is the Caribinieri Hall, which can accommodate just over 500 participants.

Meetings with a view of the city

Hohensalzburg Castle is a symbol of the city and is one of the largest and most well-preserved castles in Europe. The fortress’ present day appearance dates from 1668. The castle can be reached by the funicular railway or on foot. There are five areas available for events. The castle garden can accommodate 800 people, whilst the smaller gothic-style halls are particularly interesting. By prior arrangement it is also possible to view the diverse museum collections.

Meetings with a view of space

The Vega Observatory is a new acquisition on the Salzburg scene. The venue, which is due to open in July 2018, features the most powerful public telescope in Europe. The venue can accommodate up to 150 guests. The designers are promising state-of-the-art equipment, whilst a particularly special feature will be the direct projection from the telescope onto a canvas in the main hall. There will be four seminar halls, a viewing terrace and nice views.

Hybrid venues

Brandboxx is the largest Austrian fashion trade centre and simultaneously one of the largest venues for events in Salzburg. The over 6,500m2 of event space is sufficient for even the most demanding and large-scale productions. There are seven multifunctional halls, the largest are Boxx C and D which can accommodate up to 800 participants. The venue features a vast car park with 1,100 parking spaces.

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