ABBIT Meeting Innovators is with its 36 years of experience a long-time player in the meeting industry. As a company it is well known from meeting industry shows, as a supporter of industry associations and many innovative activities. It’s founder, Maarten Vanneste, is active around meeting design with the Meeting Design Institute and with publications, including his recently released 4th book; Multi-Hub Meetings.

ABBIT developed from a video production house in the 80’s to a full-service meeting support company with presentation support and interaction design as part of its services. The nearby based PFL group with its strong growth strategy has now invested in ABBIT and made it one of their brands.

Both teams will join in a brand-new building and the combined business for the group has more than doubled. With the new synergy come new possibilities and ABBIT itself will double in size. ABBIT will remain a loyal supporter of meeting industry events and the Meeting Design Institute can count on the ongoing support of ABBIT for FRESH and other activities.

PFL already has a big audio-visual company, a large production capability, a digital signage cell, a video production team. Now with the ABBIT brand under its wing, PFL has a great opportunity to become a driving and dominant factor in the global market of meeting and conference improvement. The new total service via in-house specialists will allow for better meeting design and a flawless execution. The bigger structure will increase operational reliability for any organiser that wants to increase return on investment.

The new collaboration is a totally supportive one and as the ABBIT founder, Maarten Vanneste, says: “In the new PFL structure, ABBIT is on its way to a bigger and brighter future. An amazing set of possibilities from the PFL-group are now available to the ABBIT team. That will increase quality, stability and a safe environment for further innovation.”

CEO Dominic De Gruyter believes that “As a part of the bigger PFL-group, ABBIT will continue to service its current clients and grow significantly with the existing and new clients from the PFL group. All international meetings and conferences in the group will become the ABBIT focus so even more innovations can get to market maturity sooner.”

ABBIT, together with the entire PFL group, is ready to take on the meeting industry by storm. A warm wind, fast moving clouds and a bright sun, the perfect storm?