Mama Shelter Belgrade

New acquisitions on the Belgrade meetings and events scene

The last two new hotel acquisitions in Belgrade are so completely different that it’s very difficult to compare them. However, what they do have in common is two exceptional terraces, which are excellent choices for event organisers, especially in the warmer months.

Mama Shelter

The Hilton Hotel is situated in the centre of Belgrade, heralding the arrival of new hotel chains to Serbia’s capital.

It was built with congress guests in mind, as it has one of the best hotel congress centres in the city. The congress halls, which boast high ceilings and natural daylight, are suitable for even the most demanding of productions. There is also a wonderful garden, ideal for coffee breaks and receptions. The 242-room Hilton Belgrade is the city’s fifth five-star hotel.

Hilton Belgrade

The Mama Shelter hotel, which is the hip brand of the Accor hotel chain, is an entirely different story. Belgrade’s Mama is located above the newly-built shopping centre in the street Rajičeva ulica, right beside the legendary ulica Kneza Mihaila (Prince Michael Street). The concept of the hotel is simple: one restaurant, one bar and rooms for guests, together with a funky interior, designed to reflect the brand’s ‘Feel at home’ philosophy. The hotel offers 125 designer rooms, and the added bonus of a modern shopping centre with top brand names.

What most attracts event organisers to both hotels are the two terraces with great views, which are loved by event organisers since they ensure a truly spectacular backdrop for events.

Hilton SkyLounge

The rooftop terrace of the Hilton hotel is illuminated at night in shades of violet which emphasise the monumentality of the space. The focal point is the rooftop bar and the Skylounge restaurant. The furnishings are traditional and, as is typical for the Hilton brand, elegant. We estimate that there is room on the terrace for around 150 standing guests. The exceptionally professional staff, who know how to create a suitable atmosphere, are deserving of praise.

Mama Shelter Terrace

The terrace at Mama Shelter extends across an area of over 500m2 with views of Kalemegdan and New Belgrade. The designers used numerous trends, colours and styles on the terrace, which they combined with the ecletic, slightly wacky whole. The terrace, which is connected to the main dining room, is colourful and full of fun surprises and more intimate hidden corners. The central bar with its trendy cuisine is the heart of the space. The menu also features local dishes. Staff dressed in a casual style are a key part of the experience.

It seems that the terraces of both hotels have rapidly become cult and, for event organisers who want their event to be noticed, they are an excellent choice.