Photo credit: Bled Convention Bureau // Jošt Gantar

In the Bled of today, ‘Green’ and ‘Authentic’ are the key buzzwords. The Municipality of Bled has adopted the Zero Waste strategy, the service providers the “Green Scheme” strategy, and the awareness of the importance of sustainability whilst preserving the authentic is visible on every corner in Bled.


The Strategy for the Slovenian Tourism implies that Slovenia is ‘a green, active and healthy country for 5 – Star experiences’. In Bled, we see that coming into realization. The Zero Waste Strategy that Municipality adopts in its infrastructure waste and water solutions have been adopted successfully by the Hotel Ribno. This boutique 3 Star Hotel that holds also Glamping facilities turned into its green future. The first step was adopted two years ago when they started to imply the Zero Waste strategies, which this year resulted in 92% separate collection rate and thus they proudly received the title of the ‘First Slovenian Zero Waste Hotel’.


Further examples are to be found at the Sava Hotels, where the commitment to environmentally friendly solutions results in recycling half of the generated waste and lowering the consumption of energy and water. The Hotels are also raising the awareness among their guests by including the drinkable tap water, local food products and a line of wellness products marketed under the “Zeleni za jutri” (“Green for a Better Tomorrow”) title.


Another green pride of Bled is the renewed Hotel Golf, now going by the name of Rikli Balance 4* Sup. Hotel. The renewed concept contains a content inspired by the tradition of the local environment and the story of the Swiss natural healer Mr. Arnold Rikli, who founded a natural spa in Bled in 1854. The modern designed interior with rooms that tell stories about the Carniolan Bee, the Gingerbread Heart, the Embroidery of Gorenjska and the Spruce from the nearby Pokljuka Plateau. Furthermore, the culinary offer of the hotel fuses tradition and haute cuisine, topped by the herbs taken from the hotel’s herbal garden. Experience of the local and traditional is guaranteed there!

Last but not least, the Festival and Congress Hall of Bled, with facilities for medium-sized congresses of 50 to 400 delegates carries a tradition of hosting major governmental summits, congresses and prominent meetings since 1959, when it hosted the Bled Chess Tournament. In 2017, the Hall went into the renovation of Break-out rooms’ facilities, adopting the green energy saving solutions and the plans for the Hall in the future will continue the path of the green and environmentally friendly strategies.