Photo credit: Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre

In 1960, a new pavilion was built at the Exhibition Centre for the cars exhibition that was held there. The architecture was designed by architect Marko Šlajmer, who belongs to the first generation of graduates from the famous Slovenian architect, Edvard Ravnikar. It was built in a record time of five months. Soon the pavilion became famous among the people of Ljubljana under a lovely name Jurček (porcino) because of its specific architecture with a circular floor plan. Jurček pavilion has a mushroom structure with a central column in which the drainage of the roof is regulated. The building is closed with glazing, which uses aluminum profiles. The layout of the building imposes the role of a large exhibition that is going to the street. In addition, it is determined by a still high tower, located between the greenery in the immediate vicinity. A circular space with no additional support is exceptionally suitable for events and exhibitions and has become popular among event organizers.


The ground floor of the Jurček Pavilion is multifunctional and is functioning as a coffee shop, a reception for events and an event area. The multifunctional arrangement is what makes it attractive for events that do not swear on classic arrangements such as Pecha Kucha evenings and other similar events of a more open format. There is a hall available in the basement of the former wine cellar, which accommodates up to 100 guests and connects nicely with the restaurant part of the room.


After numerous catering experiments in the premises of Jurček Pavilion, the Pub Pavilion is operating successfully. The space is divided into two parts. In the basement, all lovers of nostalgia and homeliness will be able to enjoy a moment, hidden from the curious views, and enjoy socializing with food and drinks, try different bottled wines and choose from a wide range of domestic and foreign types of beer. The upper space is perfect for those who enjoy coffee and lounge music.

The rounded shaped pavilion Jurček boasts of an original architectural design, which, represented a very advanced technological solution, in the time when it was constructed. Today it is completely renovated and during the time of major events and congresses, it functions as a modern and well-arranged reception. The pavilion symbolizes the vision of the Economic Exhibition Center after continuous improvements and innovations and offers an interesting and creative public space that directly connects the Dunajska Street with the Exhibition and Convention Center.