Photo credit: MVA - Mikelić Vreš Arhitects

Town of Zabok bought an empty factory hall and gave it to the Regenerator Association to manage it. Centre re-GENERATOR will rise as a transformation of former factory Regeneracija. Its identity is a combination of old and new, based on the industrial legacy of Zabok. The centre has been designed by architectural studio MVA – Mikelić Vreš Arhitects.

The centre will provide space for diverse socio-cultural activities and events for different categories of audience, development of space for the cultural and creative sector, and development of cooperation between civil and public cultural sector. The centre will be a complex system compiled  by one exisiting and two new space-functional sets. The sets are called Regenerator, Silos and Inkubator and they are simultaneously separated and integrated and they work as one building and as a mini neighbourhood at the same time, said architect Marin Mikelić for Jutarnji list.

Business guests will find their own spot of delight. The whole complex will consist of 3 spacious units, 2200 square meters, 2 stages, 1 music studio, 16 beds for volunteers and guest performers, club capacity of 500 persons, 21 employees, 3 furnished music rooms, projection room for 36 people, outdoor space for 1000 people and a coffee bar for 50.

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