Organiser’s voice
Ana Frangež Kerševan from CEF – Center of Excellence in Finance


Q: Why have you entered the Conventa Best Event Award competition?

We were proud of the Coordinators Meeting, and participants were really happy and wanted more. So, when a colleague pointed out the opportunity to show it to others we immediately jumped at it.

Q: What does it mean to you that your event has been selected among the finalists for the Conventa Best Event Award?

It confirmed that entering into competition was a good idea, and that we are doing things that really matter. It is an important external validation of our work, and a great internal motivation and drive for the entire team.

Q: What is your secret recipe for a successful and effective event?

The most important point is to know what you would like to achieve and what are the participants’ needs. Then, there is lots of planning and preparations, using various innovative methods to make the event as participatory, active and relaxed as possible. We co-create the event with our clients. We consult with them about their needs and expectations beforehand.

And, having experience and a great, hard-working team, when needed, we are able to improvise, be creative, and do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Q: If you had unlimited resources and a client who would say ‘yes’ to everything, what kind of event would you have organised?

Although it sounds incredible, finances are not always the most important factor. Without good ideas, resourcefulness of the team and experience, money itself cannot produce good results.

We are proud that this event has been delivered with a small budget, probably high school pocket money compared to our competitors.

Of course, we would not say no to an open budget. Being aware of the importance of space and the way it influences the participants, we would perhaps organize the event in an inspiring natural environment.

Basic Event Information

Date: 9 – 11 May, 2018
Location: Skopje, Macedonia (National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia – NBRM)
Organizer: CEF – Center of Excellence in Finance
Client: CEF – Center of Excellence in Finance
Event type: Best Educational Event / Training / B2BEducating and training for employees in individual companies, which is intended to promote the development of human resources.