10 of the best stories from Bratislava in 2018

Culinary Incentives in Bratislava

To really know and understand a culture means tasting it with all your senses. And there is no better way to do it than to go out on the streets, to attend festivals, to mix up with the locals and catch up with the local vibes and to share the endless life stories over a delicious meal.

We Bet You Haven’t Heard About The Slovak Flying Car

The company Aeromobil, established in Bratislava by Juraj Vaculik and Stefan Klein, is yet further proof that the Slovak automotive industry is evolving and is bursting with innovativeness.

Welcome To Bratislava Motor City – Automotive Fam Trip

In 2016, with the help of the Soolnua agency, the Bratislava Convention Bureau developed a new branding strategy, linked by the slogan “Surprisingly Close | Exceptionally Smart”.

Beer Salon in Bratislava

The beer boom in Bratislava is a logical consequence of world trends and the beer tradition in Slovakia. According to the number of visitors, we can say that there are a lot of beer lovers in Slovakia.

Photo Impressions From The Bratislava Fam Trip

An international group of 11 European meetings and events buyers and one journalist from a relevant UK media joined the trip to discover Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia for educational MICE immersion.

UFO Skywalk – A unique adrenalin attraction above Bratislava

The UFO tower is one of the most characteristic and dominant features in all of Bratislava. Visiting this traditional architectural monument from the 20thcentury when in Bratislava is a must.

Voices from Bratislava

We had a few long talks from the Voices on Top of Bratislava. They explained everything about the Who-s, Why-s, Where-s and How-s of the MICE industry in Slovak capital.

Meet and eat in Devin Hotel in Bratislava

The French Restaurant at Hotel Devin is a combination of traditional culinary specialties and scrumptious, modern flavors.

Bratislava’s Most Scenic Roads

Warm days foretell the end of winter, and for those who enjoy the twists and turns of driving picturesque roads, spring is the time for motoring pleasure. A visit to Bratislava is definitely the most enjoyable when the days get longer.

The Danube Sillicon Valley

These are the reasons which could make you believe that Slovakia has a real chance of becoming the Silicon Valley of Europe, despite the fact that almost half of the economy today depends on the automotive industry.