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This little land of infinity stands on Zamocka Street – the street that leads downhill from the famous »must see« Bratislava sights. Multium – space and mirror gallery will introduce you to a world of magic through its six optical illusions.

The author Tomas Hatrak got inspired by the works of other artists, for example by Japanese Yayoi Kusama, whose infinity mirror room is one of New York’s greatest attractions, and Matej Kren, whose work you can see in the Palffy Palace.

The installations are spread across two floors, with three illusions on each floor. A wide range of effects and the impression of infinity is created with the exposition of two opposing mirrors. Since the experience needs to be intimate and deep, their preferences are to enter each of the rooms individually. And therefore is also a rule – to book your visit in advance in a specific time, to avoid the crowd.

When entering each exhibition room, you actually enter and accept the game for the eyes and the fantasy. A stroll down the corridors with white walls is The exhibits alternate the light moods, patterns, ornaments, movements. They create a space for meditation and for amazement.

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You will see six various illusions in six separate spaces:

  • Caminus
  • Passus
  • Tabularium
  • Spiramentum
  • Universum
  • Sphaera

The illusion of infinite dimensions is created with two mirrors positioned opposite each other on opposing walls. When more mirrors are added on the ceiling and the floor, the impressions created expand into another dimension. This way an infinite play of mirrors, formats a three-dimensional space and create various effects and illusions of infinity.

When in Bratislava take a daring walk into the world of infinity!